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Hi students and parents!

My name is Mitch, and I am a passionate and engaging university graduate who currently works as an Integration Aide at Wesley College. Before doing my Postgraduate Certificate in Special Education, and apart from gaining great experience in mentoring and supporting young people through OSHC, remote learning support during the pandemic (disability support worker) and as a junior sport coach, I completed an undergrad in Creative Arts, Majoring in Creative and Professional Writing. Before making the switch to Creative arts I completed 2.5 years of a Human Services and Social Work degree.

My areas of strength are:

- Text Comprehension
- Creative Writing
- Editing
- Socio-Economic Status
- The Health Sector
- Mental Health & Disabilities

I am dedicated to help teens, children and young adults reach their full potential. As a professional, the most vital value to me is just that, championing anyone I get the chance to work with, helping someone unlock their potential and abilities. I have a passion for working with those whose barriers that may have hindered their results and abilities, such as; learning difficulties, illness and disabilities, and self-confidence. This has made me a nurturing and patient, teacher, advocate and support.

If you are looking for someone who is compassionate and dedicated to instill confidence in you or your child, then I think I'd be a great match.


- Completed Year 12 VCE
- 2.5 years of a Social Work Degree
- Completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts, Majoring in Creative and Professional Writing
- Postgraduate in Special Education


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