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HighSchoolTutors.com.au is Australia leading high school tutoring website. It’s the best place to find a high quality tutors in your local area.

It is a huge site, with high quality information across 3,000 suburbs Australia-wide;

Who runs HighSchoolTutors.com.au?

Student Services Australia Pty Limited (SSA)
Suite 401, 50 Holt Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
ABN 19 100 372 156
Email support@highschooltutors.com.au

SSA has been operating for 25 years and traditionally provides services to the university student community. Some of these student services include;

Lost On Campus App

If you need a campus map of almost any university campus in Australia, this free app is for you; Lostoncampus.com.au

Cheap university textbooks

If you want to save money on uni textbooks check out Australia’s biggest textbook market; StudentVIP.com.au/textbooks

University tutoring

Uni subjects can be a struggle too. This is Australia biggest university tutor website; StudentVIP.com.au/tutors

University notes

Buy and sell university subject notes at; StudentVIP.com.au/notes

University subject reviews

Which university subject should you choose? Read ratings and reviews by students here; StudentVIP.com.au/subjects

Research: “Tutoring in Australia 2014”.

In late 2014, we conducted a research project with 278 parents Australia-wide. Five of the findings include;

1. Who gets tutoring?

Group A. Time poor, professionally-employed parents who want their kids to improve, no matter how they are currently performing in a subject.

Group B. Hardworking, time poor migrant parents who feel they can’t help with their kids homework themselves, putting their kids at a disadvantage. Similar to professional parents, they want their kids to improve and get tutoring no matter how their kids are currently performing in a subject.

Group C. “Middle Australia” typically organise tutoring only for remedial purposes. ie their child is struggling in a subject (usually maths) and asks for a tutor. They believe parents who pay for tutors are doing something a little “unfair” and believe tutoring is costly, stressful and their child’s education is the schools responsibility.

2. How many high school kids get tutoring?

Hard to estimate. At any one point in time, probably 20-25%. Over a child’s high school years, probably 50%+ will have had a tutor at one point in time.

3. How much is spent on high school tutoring in Australia?

Our best estimate is Australian parents spend between $500-$800 million per year. It is a big industry.

4. Are parents happy with the tutors they are paying for?

Good news - yes, 89% of parents report their experience with their tutor as “Good or Very Good”.

In comparison, only 4.8% reported their experience as “Poor of Very Poor”. In a separate survey, while most tutors offer their service for the income, they equally do it for the enjoyment of seeing their students achieve.

5. Is tutoring “stressful”?

In focus groups, the conclusion was this is a misleading question. A better question is, “What is more stressful; failing maths or having a maths tutor”? The point being that tutoring requires some work on behalf of the student, but ultimately leads to a feeling of achievement and mastery of a tough subject, which is worth the effort. There are no free rides in life. Achievement comes from work, but… that feels good!