Tips for students


Seriously, maybe you shouldn’t get a tutor;

  1. If you just want a tutor to do your homework.
    They can. But they can’t sit your final exams for you. In that exam room, you’re on your own. So getting a tutor just so they can do your homework is… a dumb move.

  2. If you think a tutor will magically make the subject easy and explain everything for you.
    The reality is, people learn by… doing. You are still going to have to do stuff. In fact, with a tutor you will have to do more stuff! But that’s how you learn. Tutors aren’t magicians. You’re going to need to step up and be committed to making an extra effort. They will help, but tutoring is a team sport.

  3. It costs real money.
    Don’t waste your parents money unless you are keen to step up and work at getting better at the subject. If you are keen, your parents are spending their money wisely.


  1. Be specific about what topics you need to improve on.
    “I need help on everything”, doesn’t help your tutor. Even just know what you are good at helps you and your tutor identify what you should work on.

  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
    Even the “dumbest” questions. There are NO dumb questions, just dumb people who are too scared to ask questions. Even if you still don’t get it, ask again and again. Really stuck? Suggest you have a 5 minute break and come back to it.

  3. Balance how much time you spend on homework vs more basic topics.
    This weeks homework feels urgent and important, but you might get more long term benefit from looking at more basic topics. Maybe compromise - do half the lesson on homework and half on other topics.

  4. Do some work before the lesson.
    That way you know what you can’t do. Don’t open your homework for the first time as the tutor walks in the door.

  5. After the lesson
    Once the session is over, just take 10 minutes to review it. Try another example by yourself. This little ten minute revision can be where it all really comes together. It will also help move your recall of the material from your short term memory, to your long term memory.

  6. Think of your tutor as a sports coach.
    A swim coach doesn’t show a swimmer how to do a better stroke and that’s it. The swimmer only gets better by practice, practice, practice. You want to be better at a subject - the only way is to practice. Your tutor is just your coach motivating you, focusing you, challenging you. Together you should get more motivated and more confident that you can improve your marks in a subject. Go team!