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Thanks for stopping by for all the info you need. I am currently interviewing year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students for a very limited number of positions in my program. I am no longer accepting students in year 11 and 12.

I'm a retired University of Sydney academic that tends to work more as a mentor focusing on the whole student and all their subjects rather than a tutor that is solely imparting knowledge in a single subject. Usually students are struggling because the learning tools currently in their tool box are not working. I work with the student and their parents to understand what has gone wrong in the learning process and help everyone build a skill set that will complement their existing learning tools. I like to think of it as adding new tools to the existing tool box. These new skills help students take a better approach to their work which results in happier and more successful students.

My rate ranges from $110 to $165 an hour depending on the year of school and needs of the student. I only see students face-to-face in my office or through the wonders of technology Monday to Thursday after school. Traveling to student's homes takes up time that is better spent helping students. There is a 1.5 hour introductory meeting (free of charge) where the student, parents and I determine if working with me will assist them.


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Retired University of Sydney Academic. Marine Biologist by trade and as an educator in the School of Biological Sciences I served as the Coordinator of the Honours Programme and as the Director of First Year Biology (4000 students a year take first year biology at Sydney Uni). During my tenure as the head of these programs I transformed the way writing and communicating were taught through out the school. If you can't communicate you can't demonstrate what you have learned.


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I only see students face-to-face either in my office or through the wonders of technology. Traveling to your home takes up valuable time that is better spent helping as many students as possible.