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Photo of Parvathi K. Very responsive Online tutoring
Parvathi K.
University Student
š‡š’š‚ š€š„š„ š‘šØš®š§ššžš« šŸ®šŸ¬šŸ®šŸ¬ | š‡š’š‚ šƒš¢š¬š­š¢š§š š®š¢š¬š”šžš š€šœš”š¢šžšÆšžš« (šššš§š šŸ” š¢š§ ššš„š„ š¬š®š›š£šžšœš­š¬) My name is Parvathi and I am a fourth year medical student at Bond University. In 2020, I graduated Hornsby Girls High School, a high ranking selective school in NSW, where...