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Want results?! I know all the secret tips & tricks to set you up for those A+ grades. I love reading, writing and most importantly teaching English, and am currently writing a new children's book nominated for the Australian Writer's Competition! *Specialised Student Plans*

I specialise in English, Literature and English as an Additional Language Curriculum across all grades.

My program and achievements include:
-specialised plans.
-international experience.
-current Dux of Literature and received University scholarships for Literary Studies and Philosophy.
-2 years experience as a tutor.
-blue card and certified disability certificate.
-Qld Youth Representative for Parliment and Youth Environmental and Sustainability Leader for Australia.

I've never liked the word "tutoring" because it often deters students from wanting to enhance their skills and knowledge around subject areas. Instead, my focus has always been on the student and their personal goals. I pride myself on getting to know my students and enjoy observing the common realisation that "I can do this." I firmly believe that to fully succeed in a subject, a support service is required to assist in obtaining and solidifying knowlege - whether copiously or monotonously.

My passion for literature and philosophy has achieved me many opportunities across the industry. I enjoy reading - despite some shameful Netlfix binges - and am currently writing a children's book for publication in 2022! I have participated in Poetry Slams, am a representative for the Qld Youth Parliment and adjudicate debating competitions on a regular basis. My future ambition is to persue peadiatric oncology as a career and focus on tumour growth and metastasis research.

Further, my tutoring specialities include devising and individual plan and goal setting strategies per student. I find it best to spend the first hour of our time together, understanding existing knowledge and determining the most appropriate study plan to achieve those high marks! I am pleased to provide tutoring for English and Literature at any year level, and accept family groups as well. Around 90% of my students achieve A-level or high B-level grades at the conclusion of each semester. I am constantly looking to improve student grades and further provide assessment services when required.

I currently have some available spaces in my schedule to take new students and often conduct my work at student houses. I am more than happy to meet parents and devise a plan for their child if required. I additionally work with international students and focus on EAL (English as an additional language) orientated learning.

I can't wait to get to know some new students soon, and assist in achieving your goals!

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  • Dux of Literature
  • QLD Writer's Award
  • QLD Youth Parliment Representative for Climate and Sustainability Solutions
  • TAFE Training in Teaching and Leadership


Year 12 student.


  • Reading
  • Music
  • Hiking
  • Playing with my Dog!
  • Writing


Luke is a kind, supportive tutor who has assisted my daughter with English since grade 7! He is very familiar with the teaching syllabus and provided us with a full plan and goal settings for 2021. I 100% recommend his services!
- By Dianne H on 4th August 2021

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