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Hi, my name is Brian. 😊 I study electrical and electronic engineering, 3rd year as of 2022, at the University of Adelaide. It is a mixture of mathematics (calculus and algebra), physics, and English, focused on the area of circuitry, microelectronics, and signal processing. I find my studies challenging, but rewarding. I study it out of both passion and the ample future opportunities in a growing industry.

I believe good listening skills and questioning skills are important traits that a tutor. Patience to work with young students. My ultimate goal for my students is for them to become an independent learner and achieve excellence in their best subjects.

My experience (as of Jan 2022):
- Lifted a year 12 maths methods student from B+/A- to A+ (tutored for 9 months)
- Lifted a year 11 maths methods student from C- to A (tutored for 4 months)
- Lifted a year 11 maths general student from C to B- (tuition still on going, 6 months so far)
- Lifted a year 10 maths methods student from C+ to A (tuition still on going, 4 months so far)
- I am working with 3 tutoring agencies: EzyMaths, Cluey, and Tutoring for Excellence.

My teaching style:
- I like to ask my students a lot of questions to get them thinking and explore concepts deeply.
- I don't give my students answers and tell them what to do.
- I focus on making the student an independent learners.
- I only conduct in-person tutor sessions, and only for students who are currently doing years 11 and 12.

Please contact me if you think I can help you. :)

PS: My AVAILABILITY changes often as university schedule fluctuates


Year 12 completed in 2020.
Mark achieved: 92.70.
Currently studying Bachelors of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Honours) at The University of Adelaide.


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