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With three years of tutoring experience under my belt, I am eager to help you reach your potential in VCE Biology!

A little about me...

I graduated in 2015 with an ATAR of 96.85 and a raw study score of 45 in VCE Biology. As part of my VCE, I also completed first year Biology at Monash University and achieved a high distinction average (I have a thirst for knowledge when it comes to Biology!). I have a real passion for teaching which is why I am studying Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Science at Monash University. My areas of study in science are microbiology and immunology!

I have a deep passion for Biology and I am a strong believer that enthusiasm is key for success in this content heavy subject. Therefore, I aim to deliver the content in exciting and fresh ways (with my bubbly personality) as well as helpful and fun ways of remembering things. Biology doesn't have to be a dry subject like it is sometimes taught. In fact, it can be one of your favourite subjects as Biology is the study of life! Therefore, I aim to inspire a love for the subject in my students as what you love, you learn several times easier! This content-laden subject can seem overwhelming at times, which I aim to overcome by providing insight into how topics in VCE Biology are interconnected old concepts apply to new theory. I will provide worksheets and exam-style questions as well as use diagrams and pictures to help you revise and consolidate the content as well as your expression. VCE Biology is deceivingly not only a test of your knowledge, but also on how well you can express your knowledge. That is where the hidden marks lie.

I will work with you to find a learning style that suits you best, whether you are struggling to process the basic concepts or a high achiever aiming for the coveted top marks.

I will help you with
- Sac preparation
- Laboratory practicals (Why did this happen? Why did we have to do this step?)
- Exam preparation (Multiple choice and short answer techniques)

Testimonials from past students
"I had Scott as my 3/4 biology tutor and would definitely say he helped me a lot during the year. He's a very enthusiastic person who has a true passion for biology, so he is able to make sessions very engaging. Scott also caters for the level of difficulty depending on how well you are doing as an individual and always tries to help you to do your best. As a tutor, he is willing to go that extra mile to ensure you understand the content and how to apply your knowledge. I found it especially helpful that he provided practice papers, extra diagrams and even brought a whiteboard to sessions to draw out different concepts. I would definitely recommend him to future biology students whether they be struggling, averaging or just wanting to exceed their current marks."
- Hope

"Scott was recommended to me by one of my friends and has been an exceptional biology tutor this year. I definitely wouldn't have gotten as much work done without him. His constant encouragement and positive energy has kept me motivated throughout the year. He was very patient with me especially with the harder topics that I didn't understand. Scott was always available to help even when help was needed. Always a phone call or text message away to answer any questions. Definitely recommend Scott to anyone who needs help or encouragement with biology!"
- Justine

"Scott has been an amazing biology tutor for me over the past year and a half! His great attitude and passion towards biology always motivated me and kept me enjoying the subject. Scott is very good at explaining topics and he is good at breaking it down and giving me real-life examples to help understand it better. He was always very professional and punctual. Instantly after having him as my tutor my marks began to lift dramatically. He always has his lessons pre-prepared and he was very organised and fits a lot into each and every lesson. He taught the content through notes , videos , diagrams and memes even which helped a lot to not make the content so dry and boring. Scott continually supplied me with many external sources of information and many practise quizzes, sacs and exams which helped a lot . Overall I have loved having Scott as my tutor and I would recommend him to anyone because he has made me actually understand biology and pushed me to do the best I could and most importantly he significantly lifted my marks!!"
- Shanae

"Scott has a strong passion for Biology and has helped me a lot this year with Unit 3/4. He delivered engaging lessons every week and knows the study design extremely well, which is beneficial in explaining difficult concepts and providing tips for the end of year exam. For SAC and exam preparation, Scott provided many practice questions/exams and went over specific questions. Scott is a very patient and encouraging tutor who is willing to spend extra time to make sure you completely understand the topic. I would definitely recommend him to students who need extra help with Biology!"
- Angela


  • Survived year 12 :)


Year 12 completed in 2015.
Mark achieved: 96.85.
Currently studying Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Science at Monash University.


  • Reading all things to do with Biology
  • Creative writing
  • Tennis
  • Tea
  • Piano
  • Hanging out with friends


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