Lynne J Very responsive
Tutoring near Kellyville, Sydney, NSW & Castle Hill, Sydney, NSW


ATAR: 99.35 | English Advanced: 94 | 3U Maths: 98 | 4U Maths: 94
Hi, I am Lynne and I graduated from Baulkham Hills High School with an ATAR of 99.35 in 2020. I am currently studying Actuarial Studies & Computer Science at UNSW.

I am offering tuition for:
- English up to HSC Advanced (NEW SYLLABUS)
- Maths up to HSC Extension 1 (NEW SYLLABUS)

I am also selling my notes and various other resources for HSC Chemistry and Physics. Feel free to contact me for more details and I can also provide a sample of my notes.

My HSC marks are:
English Advanced: 93 (exam mark of 94)
Maths Ext 1: 98
Maths Ext 2: 94
Physics: 92
Chemistry: 91

I am able to provide proof of these results and my ATAR upon request.

Being in the 2020 cohort (first year of the new Maths syllabi, second year of the new English and Science syllabi), I am thoroughly familiar with the new syllabi and approaches that students should take to secure high marks in these subjects.

Having transferred into North Sydney Girls and Baulkham Hills High School, I am also familiar with the application process and requirements to transfer into selective schools in yr8-11. Thus, I am able to offer help in this regard by providing insights from personal experience.

I have three years of experience in tutoring students from a range of schools including comprehensive, private and top selective schools. When the student finds certain concepts tricky, I will take on different approaches in explaining and provide tips from personal experience. I have also accumulated many resources such as past papers, notes and exemplar responses.

I have always excelled in maths in junior years, and I now have extensive 3u and 4u maths experience to assist students in understanding not only the theory but also firmly grasp common question types tested in exams. I am also studying Actuarial Studies at university - a very maths heavy course with a focus on probability and statistics that is now in the new HSC maths syllabus. I will be providing resources such as past papers and notes that I have gained from both school and tutoring. More importantly, I am thoroughly familiar with the NEW maths syllabus.

English is a subject that many students may abhor, however, this is likely because they simply do not know how to do well in this subject. Thus, I will be providing personalised help and explain how I prepared for school assessments, trials and the HSC. For example, the reading task may seem very unpredictable and daunting. However, it is actually very formulaic and with practice, you should not fall below the A range. I will be providing resources such as essay question banks, past papers and my own essays/notes for each module.

My rates are:
- $50/hr (Yr8-10)
- $55/hr (Yr11-12)

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or would like to arrange a lesson.


Cheltenham Girls High School (yr7-9)
- First in course awards for Maths, Visual Design, History

North Sydney Girls High School (yr10)
- Australian Brain Bee Challenge state finalist
- 1st in Commerce Award given by USYD business school
- Jean Walter Morgan Outstanding Holistic Learner Award
- Arts Alive Film Festival: Best animation award

Baulkham Hills High School (yr11-12)
- Lions Youth of The Year public speaking competition
- HSC All-Rounder


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