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Hi there! My name is Esha and I recently graduated from Sydney Girls in 2020. I am determined to help students reach their full potential in academics by encouraging them to perform at their best level possible.

I am able to assist high school students from years 7-12 in HSC Chemistry and Maths Extension 1. I can also provide feedback and guidance on essays and assignments for English (Advanced and Extension 1).

I have a variety of detailed notes and practice questions/exams that I am willing to share with students thus allowing them to navigate through the syllabi easily. My goal is for my students to understand their learning through frequent revision and consolidation of the material hence contributing to exam preparation and allowing them to complete exams with confidence and learn from their mistakes. Having experienced the new syllabus I have a great understanding and experience of it and I am willing to share resources I have obtained through my hsc year.

Additionally I have 1 year of tutoring experience therefore I am able to tailor my lessons to cater to the best of my ability towards the students needs. As a recent graduate I understand the setbacks and challenging workload which I am able to help support and navigate throughout by motivating students to achieve their goals. I am able to tackle this by helping students with classwork, catching up and learning content ahead of school.

My rate is $40 per hour for the subjects mentioned above, or $75 per hour for two students ($37.50/person).

Feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries!

Ingleburn/Campbelltown/Liverpool Area
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Year 12 completed in 2020.
Mark achieved: N/A.


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