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Hi! My name is Alexie. I achieved a 94.55 ATAR in the 2019 HSC and obtained Band 6's in English Advanced, Modern History, History Extension and SOR I. I achieved Band 5's in the rest of my courses (Chemistry, Mathematics). I am currently a first-year undergrad at UNSW studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) with a double major in neuroscience and pharmacology. I have aspirations to pursue postgraduate studies in medicine. With my interests particularly concentrated in science, I am still deeply passionate about the humanities and english subjects. With that being said, I am more than happy to tutor students in both of these areas!

I am currently available to tutor high school students in the following subjects:
English Advanced (90)
Chemistry (87)
Modern History (91)
History Extension (46)
Studies of Religion I (48)
Mathematics (83)

I currently have a HD (85+) WAM average at university.

As a tutor, I will encourage students to not only learn for the grades but simply for the knowledge and enjoyment of it; to inspire a desire to not only improve, but love the subject!!

• For english advanced, I have consistently gotten 90+ marks in my preliminary HSC and HSC assessments. In yr 11, I ranked 1st and ranked top 4 in year 12. I can offer essay feedback and guide students on how to improve textual analysis skills, especially for unseen texts which seem to be the weakest point for the majority of the cohort.
• For chemistry, I placed in the top 4 in years 11 and 12. I will help students apply concepts and formulas for a variety of questions rather than rote-learn the content. This is an important strategy in achieving high marks as the syllabus was changed to combat students from doing the latter.
• For modern history, I can help students with comprehensive notes I have compiled during my senior years. My weakest subject (ranked 8th) in both yr 11 and 12, I wrote many essays which helped me score a band 6 in both modern history and the challenging history extension course. For both courses, I will assist students by marking essays and giving feedback. For extension particularly, I can guide them in their major work for which I received a mark of 91 in.
• For SOR I, I received first place in both years 11 and 12. I can provide assistance to students through the extensive notes that were strictly compiled according to the syllabus. I will also provide essay marking and feedback to help students refine their skills in the extended response sections.
• I ranked first place in mathematics in year 11. I will help students improve by consistently doing questions. Once their trouble areas have been mastered, students will perform higher order problems in order to prepare for the more challenging questions in the exam.


  • 1st Place School Rank Studies of Religion I Year 12
  • 1st Place School Rank Chemistry Year 11
  • 1st Place School Rank English Advanced Year 11
  • 1st Place School Rank Mathematics Year 11
  • 1st Place School Rank Studies of Religion I Year 11
  • Certificate of Credit in Australian Mathematics Competition
  • HSC Honour Roll 2019
  • Leon Antonas Science Scholarship Year 10


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 94.55 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) at The University of New South Wales.


  • Photography
  • Reading
  • Travelling
  • Filmmaking
  • Art


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