Nikita G
Tutoring near Narre Warren, Melbourne, VIC


Hey I’m Nikita!

***As a result of COVID-19, it is important to take health precautions but also not fall behind in your studies (especially the Year 12’s). Hence, why I will be offering classes through Zoom till the current situation changes. This will be especially beneficial for anyone who needs guided as well as targeted study during this difficult period. The holidays are a perfect period to get ahead and also revise content whilst filling gaps from Term 1 content.

These online classes will be at a cheaper rate.

I graduated from Haileybury Girls’ College in 2018 with an ATAR of 99.20. Transitioning to university, I have chosen to study the Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (BMedSc/MD) at Monash.

I am an experienced tutor who will offer tricks and trips to ace the exams, as well as many resources to fine tune your skills. Resources include practice tests, assignment questions and VCAA questions to cover every base much much more.

Chemistry and mathematical methods whilst torturous and tedious subjects for most, were two of my favourite subjects throughout VCE. I personally believe that it is your passion and interest in something that fuels how well you do in that individual subject and hence, my goal is to not be that tutor that offers dry and boring lessons, but a tutor who can generate the some sort of interest in either subject and make the VCE experience pleasant with additional tips and tricks.

I am offering tutoring in Mathematical Methods 1/2 (42 SS) & 3/4 and Chemistry 3/4 (45 SS Chemistry Prize).

I am also selling my English 3/4 notes/sac essays (98%-100%)/practice essays. The texts I did were Rear Window (Text Response) and The Longest Memory and Black Diggers (comparative) (45 SS).

I can also tutor Rear Window and Language Analysis.

Contact for location, availbility and other details.

Rates are cheaper in groups of 2 or more so bring a friend along (:

Located in the South East suburbs.

Also willing to help with advice for entry into medicine.


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 99.20 (verified).
Currently studying Medicine at Monash University.


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