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I'm a current medical student with GPA 7, who graduated in 2015 with a high OP1. I've had over a thousand hours of experience in tutoring Chemistry, Physics, Maths C, Maths B, English and German over the past three years. I was in the top 5 for every one of these except English (though I achieved a VHA 8 and ranked in the top 10 regardless). Since finishing school, I have obtained a Bachelor of Medical Science with Distinction (cumulative GPA 7). I'm now also employed as a tutor in Medical Anatomy as well as Neuroscience.

I believe my results with students speak for themselves, with my past students including a Dux of Brisbane State High School, Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and many flourishing medical students. My approach sets my apart from other tutors, in the that I focus on making sure my students truly understand content at the deepest possible level rather than advocating simple memorisation. I also weave through my lessons principles of studying, taking exams and doing assignments to maximise effectiveness.

If you're serious about improving your grades, send me a message through highschooltutors or directly via mobile.


  • Obtained very high OP1
  • Over three years and almost 1000 hours of tutoring experience
  • Current medical student with GPA 7
  • Obtained a Bachelor of Medical Science with Distinction (Cumulative GPA 7)
  • Won the school German award
  • Won an industry physics award
  • Achieved a 7 in introductory physics at UQ while still at school
  • Focus on evidence-based principles of learning


Year 12 completed in 2015.
Mark achieved: 99.85.
Currently studying Doctor of Medicine at Griffith University.


  • Medicine
  • Learning how to optimise performance in all areas of life
  • Business


Aedan has been a vital component to my academic success in senior high school. Aedan’s teaching style is unique in that he has not only comprehensively taught me theory, but has taught me how to think. He adapted his teaching to suit my learning style and ensured I could apply a methodical process of thinking to problems across various subject areas such as Physics, Maths B, Maths C and English. These methods have been extremely valuable as they have proven to be significantly more effective and easy-to-follow than my prior approaches – essentially providing me with the refinement required to perform at a high academic level at State High and beyond. Along with this, Aedan values his students and genuinely wants to see them grow and do the best they can. I will always remember that in my final year that he went above and beyond to provide me with extra Physics lessons outside of his normal hours to assuage my stressful mind during block exams – that is the kind of person and educator Aedan is. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
- By Yash on 2nd May 2019

Aedan McMahon has been one of my close friends since I was in grade 10. He helped me a lot during my high school, teaching how me I should structure essays according to the given tasks in an orderly manner. Furthermore, he also provided me with excellent advice/tips on how to prepare for upcoming exams, approach questions and most importantly, the correct mindset that I should have during exams to maximise my learning output.
- By Jack on 2nd May 2019

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I tutor at the State Library of Queensland at South Bank, and at Griffith University Library in Southport.