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Hey, I'm Ishaann! I received an ATAR of 99.95 (OP1) and graduated from Centenary State High School. I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, where I plan to major in Computing and Software Systems.

As a recent graduate of high school, I understand the difficulty in figuring out the best approach to learning that works for you. Throughout my high school years, I was always happy to help out my fellow peers and explain concepts to them. I did this by trying to understand how the individual best understands the subject, then attempting to make the concepts as easy as possible to learn. This method of learning benefited my friends and complimented their classroom learning - allowing them to achieve greater heights.

This informal experience taught me that other people might also learn better with the help of a peer or a tutor. Thus, I wish to help more people in their learning by tutoring Maths from Years 7-12, Science from Years 7-10, Physics in Years 11 and 12, and any sort of Digital Technology for any year.

My results are written below for your reading pleasure, and feel free to message me for any questions you have. I hope to meet and help you in your studies soon!

Maths C (Specialist Maths): VHA8 / 1
Maths B (Maths Methods): VHA10 / 1
Physics: VHA9 / 1
I.P.T: VHA3 / 1
English: VHA5 / 2
Music: VHA9 / 2

Introduction to Software Engineering (UQ): 91% (7 / H1)
Foundations of Algorithms (UniMelb): 95% (H1 / 7)
Logic In Language and Information (UniMelb): 92% (H1 / 7)
Linear Algebra (UniMelb): 93% (H1 / 7)
Calculus 2 (UniMelb): 90% (H1 / 7)

1. My OP1 gained from my highschool results converted to an ATAR 99.95.
2. At UQ, the final mark corresponds to the highest grade (7) if it is 85% or greater. At UniMelb, the final mark corresponds to the highest grade (H1) if it is 80% or greater.
3. UQ is the University of Queensland, and UniMelb is the University of Melbourne


  • Dux of Centenary State High School
  • 2019 AMT Inspiring Student Award (Queensland)
  • Choosemaths Student Excellence Award 2019
  • Choosemaths Highly Commended Award 2018
  • NYSF 2019 Participant
  • Year 12 Maths C Subject Award
  • Year 12 Maths B Subject Award
  • Year 12 Physics Subject Award
  • Year 12 Captain of Centenary State High School
  • QCS Result: A


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 99.95 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Science.


  • Programming
  • Digital Art
  • Card Magic


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Considering the current situation, tutoring over Zoom or Skype would be in the best interest for all of us. Although, if you want in-person tutoring, I'm happy to meet you at your home or agreed upon location, such as a library. I'm happy to travel anywhere and will only charge a travel fee if I need to travel a long distance.