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| 4th in NSW for History Extension | 99.60 ATAR | English & Humanities Tutor |

Hi! My name is Edward Ford and I graduated as the St Mary’s Cathedral College Dux in 2019 with an ATAR of 99.60. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws/Arts at The University of Sydney in 2020.

I am enthusiastic about the subjects listed and keen to support high school students work towards fantastic results :D.

I am offering tutoring for the following subjects:
- History Extension (Ranked 1st internally with a HSC mark of 50/50)
- Ancient History (Ranked 1st internally with a HSC mark of 97/100)
- English Extension 1 (Ranked 2nd internally with a HSC mark of 48/50)
- Studies of Religion 1 (Ranked 3rd internally with a HSC mark of 48/50)
- English Advanced (Ranked 1st internally with a HSC mark of 95/100) - I am happy to tutor other HSC English subjects as well.

Tutoring sessions will be catered to the individual student's needs. However, the overall aim of tutoring sessions will be to develop skills needed to succeed in school assessments and exams (writing essays, structuring exam responses, selecting and analysing sources, etc.). I can also provide content tutoring for the following options:

Ancient History: Cities of Vesuvius Core Topic, Athens in the Time of Pericles (Society), Pericles (Personality), The Augustan Age and The Greek World (Period).

History Extension: What is History?, Napoleon Case Study.

English Advanced: Common Module (1984), Module A (Hag-Seed and The Tempest), Module B (T.S. Eliot), Module C (Orwell’s Politics and the English Language and Atwood’s Spotty Handed Villainesses).

English Extension 1: Common Module, Intersecting Worlds Elective.

Studies of Religion 1: Religious and Belief Systems in Australia Post-1945, Catholicism, Judaism.

My major work for History Extension, also known as the Personal Research Project (PRP), was awarded Runner Up in the 2019 HTA Extension History Prize. I am happy to provide support for students in writing and editing their PRP for History Extension. I am also able to provide resources and notes from my HSC year (notes, assessments, exam responses, etc.). Additionally, I understand the stress high school students go through, so I am a highly empathetic and supportive tutor.

In addition to my studies, I have partaken in numerous extracurricular activities. I was a Prefect at my school, participated in the 2018 NSW Youth Parliament, participated in the Mock Trial Program in 2018, and completed my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award in my HSC year.

I am happy to provide tutoring for students in years 7 - 10 as well :).

I am experienced with online tutoring and happy to provide guidance to students through online methods (skype, collaborative shared documents, etc.)

If you are interested or have any enquiries, please contact me


  • State Rank of 4th in NSW for History Extension
  • St Mary's Cathedral College 2019 Dux
  • Runner Up in the HTA History Extension Prize
  • 2019 HSC All-Rounder (Band 6 in at least 10 units of study)


Year 12 completed in 2019.
Mark achieved: 99.60 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Arts/Laws at The University of Sydney.


  • Politics
  • History
  • Reading
  • Footy :)


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Due to travel restrictions, I will provide tutoring in either NSW State Library or libraries in the inner-west area :).