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Third year Bond Medical Student! Hi, my name is Arjun Fadia and I can tutor Physics, Maths, Chemistry, English, Humanities and Biology. Happy to facilitate sessions online OR face-to-face depending on our situation.

*My teaching method*

I have generated a system to consistently achieve top-end grades through years of experience and learning. After analysing high achieving students and my own study methods, I have realised that outstanding students have a few things in common. Students that achieve mastery in their subjects:

- Always practice higher-order thinking that is required to achieve the high end grades

- Are capable of applying their knowledge in BOTH familiar and unfamiliar contexts

Therefore, the way to optimise learning and maximise knowledge is to have a firm grasp over fundamental concepts and perform practice questions with deliberate practice (reviewing them afterwards to ensure that we learn from their mistakes). These methods allow students to consistently achieve their desired grades and enable students to feel confident and prepared.

Hence, my lessons revolve around these essential ideas and assist students by first building a strong foundation of knowledge and then placing them in unfamiliar contexts to highlight areas that we need to focus on. Through my tutoring, you will COMPREHEND concepts and be able to apply it to unfamiliar contexts instead of limiting yourself with memorisation and regurgitation.

Studying the CORRECT way is just one part of the puzzle! I have found that students will benefit from having an intelligent tutor that can convey the content. However, what students ACTUALLY need is an intelligent tutor that can act as a role model and a motivator. Having someone that keeps students accountable in this age of mobile phones and Facebook is paramount to their success and this is something that I am great at. I was in the exact same situation as the students not long ago, and as such, I know what it is like to be worrying about what I am going to wear to formal, how I am going to manage my shifts from my part-time job, meet the deadlines of my subjects and so on. Consequently, I can provide a stable framework for students that has been proven time and time again to help them manage their time and activities. This eases the understandable feeling of being overwhelmed that ALL Year 12 students experience.

I also have access to several past papers and practice questions that I have accumulated throughout my years of studying and tutoring experience. These tools will optimise your thinking and ensure that you have the test-taking skills to prove your knowledge come exam day.

Right before the end of our session, I will also ask you how you are feeling about your progress to ensure that you are learning at the pace that you want. This is because these sessions are ultimately to assist you and hence it is necessary to tailor the sessions to your needs to maximise your results.

I am a very friendly person and will cater towards your personal learning style. I am currently studying medicine and so I can also guide you with admissions if that is your desired career pathway.

Let's make the most out of our sessions! To do this, I request that we discuss the topics needed to be studied prior to the lesson.

I hold:

- Blue Card
- First Aid Certificate
- Completed NSW hand hygiene modules
- Nationally Certified Police check
- Working with Children Check (Vic)

I assure you that students will be provided with a safe and healthy environment for learning - even if it is ONLINE. I am happy to facilitate sessions on whichever platform you are comfortable with should we choose online medium of learning.


  • 99.15 ATAR / OP1
  • Studying 3rd Year Medicine


Year 12 completed in 2017.
Mark achieved: 99.15 (verified).
Currently studying Doctor of Medicine at Bond University.


  • Skydiving
  • Soccer
  • Guitar
  • Photography


Arjun has been so helpful with every subject that I have had him especially Biology. He comes up with easy ways to remember a lot of content which is very helpful especially for a senior student. Another good thing is that every now and again he’ll send you a message asking how you’re going and asking how the revision going.
- By Andrew Ibrahim on 20th June 2020

Arjun tutored me throughout year 12 and had a significant favourable influence on my academic performance, especially with Chemistry and Biology. His exceptional teaching style, helpful tips and drafting go a long way in tests and assignments! I highly recommend his tutoring services!!
- By Nuthara on 12th June 2020

Character references

Arjun really helped me in maths! I went from a C to an A. He helped me actually learnt the concepts so that the problems became easy after that!
- By Sai Tipirneni on 12th June 2020


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