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Hi guys! I'm Vibs, and I'm a student and an entrepreneur. I just turned 22 in March!

I enjoy tutoring, and I have been in the field since 2013. I have tutored 27 students in English, 45 students in French, and 12 students in Biology and Science for younger students! I have recently added Sociology tutoring after having pursued it during University.

I have consistently scored excellently in these subjects- I've got several years of 100/100 in French and Biology in particular. Yes, that's a brag! I worked hard for those achievements and it brings me great pride and inspiration for future endeavours.

Tutoring started out as a way for me to help my peers get rid of their frustration with the subjects we took, and also a way for me to improve my own confidence. My success was not just reflected by the change in their grades, but the general shift in people's moods and attitudes towards the fields of study we were pursuing. I took this forward with other younger students when I turned sixteen, and I never held back.

I'm willing to arrange for a demo class before any commitment is to be made! Please be informed that classes' structure will be completely customised for the student.

Sample Pricing:

Year 7, 8
- Private sessions: 30/hour
- Groups of 2-4: 25/hour/student

Year 9 and above
-Private sessions: 40/hour
-Groups of 2-4: 35/hour/student


Year 12 completed in 2016.
Mark achieved: 98.25.
Currently studying Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning at La Trobe University.


  • Digital Art
  • Writing
  • Marketing (I know, I just love my work)
  • Driving


Vibs helped me with my language and grammar troubles with English. She helped me practice more efficiently, and get my revision done in time for my exams, even though we had started just three weeks before then. We ended up continuing with her tutoring service on a long-term basis to improve in various aspects, and now I am writing a book! I would definitely recommend anyone considering tutoring to avail her services, because it wouldn't be regretted by them.
- By Ashley Jennings on 8th April 2019

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