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Hi there!

I’m Louise Berry and I graduated from Hornsby Girls High School (ranked 8th in NSW) in 2018. I achieved an ATAR of 99.45 (equivalent to OP 1) and scored in the 95th percentile in the UMAT (now known as UCAT). I was also a NSW all rounder (achieved in the top band for all my subjects- Mathematics C and B, English advanced, chemistry and biology). Unlike local tutors, completing year 12 in NSW, has allowed me to thoroughly understand the ATAR system which Queensland is currently implementing.

I am in my second year studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Queensland (UQ) this year with provisional entry into their post graduate Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. I have chosen to study medicine as I absolutely love science and interacting with people. Although I completed high school in NSW, I am familiar with the year 11-12 mathematics, biology and chemistry QLD syllabus as I studied those subjects in some of my first year uni courses. I have also been tutoring students for more than a year.

During my year 12, a uni student tutored me in mathematics C and I found that private tutoring improved my maths substantially as lessons were tailored to work on my weakest topics.

Lessons will be spent on teaching concepts and questions will be set for homework. I am extremely dedicated to improving my student’s results and will also try to respond to any questions during the week through text/messenger.

I would love to tutor primary school students, high school students in years 7–10 in any subject and year 11-12 students in Mathematcis A, B or C, Biology or Chemistry.

I am available to tutor on any weekday nights and any day on the weekends. Message me for prices as they change depending on location of lessons, age and subject.


  • Gold Duke of Edinburgh
  • Sport captain


Year 12 completed in 2018.
Mark achieved: 99.45 (verified).
Currently studying Medicine.


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