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Hi there, welcome to my page!

I'm Kenneth. I am currently studying year 11 at Gungahlin College after graduating from the SMART program in 2019 with the highest score.

**** I have been through your struggle****

Are you struggling to write a lab report for chemistry/physics? Are you worried about your scores in the test? Are you confused about 10 different self-generating-reference-websites, and exactly which one is correct? Are you stressed about your assignment because you are not sure how to find any reliable resources? Are you anxious about your upcoming oral presentations?

Don't worry, I've got you covered. If you need any help, please contact me at any time.

**** My story ****

The courses that I am taking at the moment are Specialist Mathematics (SM), Specialist Method Mathematics (SMM) as a double major, English T, Physics and French. From semester 1 of 2020, I have received 118 for SM, 110 for SMM, 106 for French and 98 for Physics. I've ranked first in SM, French and physics, and second in SMM.

I am particularly passionate about STEM subjects, as for last year, I was the recipient for the Principal's Academic Excellence and the Certificate of Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Technologies. I have participated in Australian Science Fair (Three people from each state/territory were selected to participate) held in the University of Monash in 2019 with my personal project "the Possibilities on Asteroid Mining". I was awarded the Excellence in Scientific Communication - Oral Presentation, and Engineering Mystery Bag Masters - JMSS STEM Challenge.

Even in high school, my performance has been consistent. ICAS, AMC, Australian Geography Competition, Achievement Awards were all part of my journey. I participated in year 10 advanced maths while I was still in year 9. In NAPLAN (year 9), I achieved Band 10 in both writing, grammar&punctuation and Numeracy.

I love science, maths and engineering, as well as how it would change the way we all live forever. I would like to help you in science, maths, French and, essay and report writing, more importantly, to get you wherever you need to go with customised tutoring and a range of support materials. If you are interested to know my method of learning, and how did I rank 1st out of 419 people in maths from an average student, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I love travelling, I have been to lots of countries. During holidays, I love to go to the mountain, the beach, the national park or just the tennis court with my friends and families. On the other side, I really enjoy working out in the gym; I have participated in North Canberra Swimming Competition and Cross Country. I believe a mix of social life and study would boost your results!

I am honoured to assist you to improve your grade or for other reasons. I am very flexible with time and price, which are both negotiable. Please contact me if you are passionate about STEM like I am.

Yours Sincerely,


  • Australia National Chemistry Quiz 2019 Distinction
  • ICAS Science 2019 Distinction
  • ICAS Mathematics 2019 High Distinction (top 1%)
  • Year 10 Excellence Award 2019
  • Principal's Academic Excellence Award (2019)
  • Certificate of Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Technologies (2019)
  • Excellence in Scientific Communication - Oral Presentation (2019)
  • JMSS STEM Challenge Certification (2019)
  • Diplôme D'Études En Langue Française DELF B1 (French Study Diploma B1)
  • Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology
  • Certificate of Achievement Science (2018)
  • Certificate of Achievement Mathematics (2018)
  • Certificate of Achievement French (2018)
  • Australian Geography Competition 2018 Distinction
  • ICAS Mathematics 2017 Distinction
  • Australian Geography Competition 2017 High Distinction
  • Certificate of Achievement Mathematics (2017)


Year 11 student.
Currently studying at Gungahlin College.


  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • reading
  • Traveling
  • Hiking
  • Workout in the gym :)
  • Help out others with academia


Kenneth, thank you for your enthusiasm to help me. You have made me to have a significant improvement in maths, meanwhile, a huge step for me to progress in Chinese and helped to have a deep understand in Chinese history and culture. I am Xtremely satisfied.
- By Adam on 28th April 2019

Thank you so much Kenneth. I have understood so many in one hour, more than what I understand in class. You are so nice and I really appreciate your time to tutor me on trigonomtry. You are the best.

Thank you so much :)
- By Anonymous on 28th April 2019

Character references

No teacher or staff member can speak highly enough of Kenneth; he is bursting with postiive quallities and enthusiasm for learning. Kenneth continually pushes himself to acheive the very best in everything that he undertakes. He is a self directed learner with well delveloped learning and study skills.

In addition, Kenneth has not only taken on, bus has sought opportunies to extend himself in several areas of the school by participating in multiple competitive sports, including tennis, swimming, cross country and was also voted captain for Wimmera House. This role he undertook with tenacity and pride, working with a large grounp of students to buid team morale and spriti at recent sporting and house event.

At the end of this year, Kenneth received multiple awards at the school awards ceremony, consisting of 5 achievement awards which recognise his excellent academic acheivements.

Socially, he has a large group of friends with whom he spends his free time and who he often helps to support in classes. He always has a cheery disposition and kind manner when dealing with any peer or member of staff.

I belive he will be an excellent tutor in the future to help those who needs.
- By Kenneth's French Teacher on 28th April 2019


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