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Master Coaching and Tuition is a thriving and prestigious Tuition business, tutoring and supporting students around Australia, face-to-face and online.

Why we Recommended Coaching and Tuition classes with us:

High-quality, one-on-one coaching and tuition lessons.

Super supportive and passionate tutors who are experts in their subject areas.

Receive undivided, individual attention, support, guidance and advice.

Have someone journey alongside you as you complete important hometasks, assignments and exams.

Tuition lessons/sessions designed to suit your learning goals and needs.

Have your lessons in the comfort of your own home (as we tutor online around Australia and tutors can come to you face-to-face).


Elizabeth Nicholls (B.Mus B. Teach Hons, Full VIT Registration) is a highly experienced and passionate Classroom and Instrumental Music teacher and director/conductor, English and EAL teacher, teaching mentor, musician, computer literacy teacher and life coach. She makes learning enjoyable and achievable for children and adults.

Elizabeth is available to help you ‘Master’ your chosen subject, to help you achieve your learning goals, to assist you with your learning needs and to assist you in achieving the skills required to be confident and capable in your chosen subject. Elizabeth has enjoyed many years teaching and mentoring students through their love of learning.

Elizabeth teaches Classroom and Instrumental Music, including ensemble direction of concert bands, stage bands, singing/vocal coach in musicals/productions, piano accompaniment of strings, choral groups and musicals/productions. Elizabeth is also a teaching mentor to pre-service and graduate teachers completing their tertiary studies or first probationary year in school teaching. Music is indeed a universal language and a wonderful craft and subject in the Performing Arts sector.

Elizabeth loves teaching the English language, helping students develop a passion for writing, speaking and listening. Elizabeth loves reading books, in particular, biographies.  She loves writing and reading poetry. Elizabeth has enjoyed teaching students how to write, listen and speak with flair and confidence. It is a joy to read students’ work and to see their learning and confidence soar. Elizabeth has particularly enjoyed preparing students for upcoming NAPLAN, LANTITE and EAL exams. Elizabeth has written many LANTITE Literacy webinars and supports hundreds of pre-service teachers each year Australia-wide. English certainly has its parallels when compared to Music: reading, writing/composing, speaking/performing. Elizabeth has been teaching English in Australia as well as abroad, including Cambodia and Indonesia.

Elizabeth teaches using the Growth Mindset1.  Growth Mindset is the most effective way to learn and grow. Students will learn how to change their way of thinking and ultimately change their neural pathways, leading to successful learning for life.

Elizabeth also explores Character Strengths2 in her lessons with students. Students will be taught to recognise and use their Character Strengths in their lessons, in their chosen subject, as well as  in their day-to-day life. This is specifically taught in Life Coaching lessons:

Ultimately, Elizabeth believes that learning is holistic and transferable. Learning a musical instrument, learning to write an essay or using a computer, can help an individual flourish in, for example: resilience3, organisation, critical thinking and help improve overall academic achievement.

Learning is indeed a Journey, not a Destination4.

Destination Learning is often about Performance: receiving a certain result or grade in an exam.
It’s ok to want to perform well in the subject we are pursuing, however, learning should be more than just about Performance. When the exam is over, did you do well? Will you remember the skills taught in the exam long after the exam itself? Is your learning based just on Performance?

Journey Learning is a holistic approach to learning. Not only are students learning the specific skills required for good Performance in a subject, they are learning a lot more:
Have a purpose, drive and passion to learn the subject.
Learn important ways to learn well and grow as a student and in life (in any subject). This includes Resilience. Learning takes time and can be difficult and require perseverance and effort (refer to Growth Mindset).
Understanding a skill so well that they are able to explain and apply it, knowing how and when to apply it, and even teach someone else how to do it.
Learning to enjoy the subject.
Receiving personal satisfaction or being able to bless others with their skills, e.g. playing a piano piece, writing a persuasive speech about something important.

Lessons are personalised by being individually designed to suit each student’s learning abilities and needs. This includes the use of Differentiated Learning. Elizabeth uses the GANAG Instructional Model5 when planning lessons for each student. Lessons are skills-based, not necessarily topic based.

Elizabeth is experienced in teaching both gifted students (including select entry, accelerated learning classes) and students with learning difficulties or disabilities. Elizabeth is able to teach both children and adults, including learners who are learning English as an additional language.


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