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Hi, I'm an UQ medical student with over 6 years of tutoring experience.

I am working professionally as a university tutor and am graduating in 2 years.

In highschool achieved an ATAR of 99+ and UMAT (now UCAT) of 90%+

I am able to provide counseling regarding subjection selection choices, and advice on medical school admission pathways.

My senior students that have gone to make achievements such as:

- Full Tuckwell Scholarship at ANU
- MD non-bonded entry
- Dentistry
- Optometry

My rates start at $50 to $70/hour varying on location and age. I am able to do online classes via Zoom to facilitate for the COVID19 restrictions. Prices are negotiable depending on lesson frequency and duration.
Any other queries please message me directly. Thank you!


Year 12 completed.
Mark achieved: N/A.
Currently studying Doctor of Medicine.


I had tutored with Steven for 2 years back when I was in Highschool. Steven was a big help in my success at school I believe this was due to his skill in being able to communicate effectively so his students can better understand about the content they are learning. He always made the tutor sessions very enjoyable. I highly recommend Steven to anyone who wants to find a tutor!
- By Min on 24th January 2020

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