St Hilda's School High School Tutors*

Southport, Queensland
52 High Street, QLD

Past & Current Students

Listed below are high school tutors from St Hilda's School, Southport.

If you are a current student or graduate from St Hilda's School and would like to be listed on this page, become a tutor here.


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Photo of Lucia M.

Lucia M.

University Student
per hour
Online tutoring
I am a 2020 high school graduate who received a 99.85 ATAR, currently studying the Doctor of Medicine at Griffith University. I have 3 years of experience as a tutor of all ages via in-person and online sessions. I am passionate about education with...
Photo of Kara K.

Kara K.

University Student
per hour
Online tutoring
Hi! My name is Kara and I am an experienced tutor who is excited to work with you! I am currently 4 years into university: I have a Bachelor's degree in Medical Science and am now also 2 years into my postgraduate Medicine (M.D.) studies at Griffith...