William S. Very responsive
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IB 44.75, ATAR 99.80 Hello! I'm William, a 2022 Academy Captain and graduate of Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology (QASMT). The subjects I studied in the International Baccalaureate diploma program were HL biology, HL chemistry, HL psychology, SL English Lang & Lit, AASL Math, and Ab Initio Japanese. I had maintained a 6.8 GPA (out of 7) in grade 11, and increased that to a consistent 7.0 GPA in grade 12 with average subject scores exceeding 90%. I believe the most effective way to achieve high grades is to correctly and fully understand the content rather than simply rote learning/memorising it. With six years of voluntary mentoring/coaching (700+ hours) and plethora of tutoring experience with current and prospective IB students (800+ hours), I am proficient at deconstructing difficult concepts into easy-to-grasp explanations and tailoring the teaching pace to maximise understanding. I am very approachable and want to be a friendly face that you can easily talk to and communicate with. I aim to help you build confidence in your subjects and find joy in your learning! **Assignments** With plethora experience proofreading and writing high quality IAs, TOK exhibitions and essays, and biology EEs, I am extremely familiar with the do's and don'ts of these assignments and can provide you with comprehensive feedback. You can either bring these to me during our session, or pay a standalone fee of $80 per IA/TOK task, or $120 per biology EE. **Extra** ~ I hold a vaild Working With Children Card (blue card). ~ Primarily use Zoom for online lessons. ~ I am more than happy to discuss student progress with parents. All lessons will be delivered in English, but I am also fluent in conversing in Mandarin.


  • 2020, 2021 Gold Academic Award (>6.7 GPA)
  • 2020, 2021 Honours Award (top 5% of cohort)
  • 2022 Summa cum laude award (>6.8 GPA, year 12 only)
  • 2021 QASMT Science Ambassador
  • 2021 UQ Science Ambassador
  • 2022 QASMT Academy Captain
  • 2022 Peter Doherty Award for Outstanding Senior STEM Student
  • 2022 UQ Year 12 Create Change Achievement Award
  • 2021 International Student Science Fair Participant
  • 2021 STAQ Rowe Scientific Encouragement Award
  • 2022 STAQ RACI Bursary Award


Year 12 completed in 2022.
Mark achieved: 99.80 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Medical Science, Provisional Entry into Doctor of Medicine at Griffith University at University of the Sunshine Coast.


  • Computer Programming (mentored at CoderDojo from 2015 to 2021)
  • Chess (assistant coach at Sunnybank Chess Club from 2017 to 2019)
  • Piano (AMEB AMusA diploma & did lots of accompanying)
  • Basketball


William is a great tutor and he helps achieved my goal of passing the brisbane state high school academics entry exams. He is very helpful when it comes to helping you achieve high academic standards. His explanations are very understandable and will help you obtainnecessary knowledge required for exams. If you make a mistake or don't understand, he is very tolelant and will repeat and try his best to restrain himself from using very complex and technical language. In conclusion, William is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend for you to ask him for help if you want the best results for your next assignment. Thanks William.
- By Jessica on 8th December 2023

William is a great tutor. He is bright, patient, professional and reliable. He helped my son in the areas which needed improvement on (including essay writing, memorising information, etc), and also strengthened the areas that he was confident with. William was adaptable to my son’s needs and very approachable. William is also motivating, encouraging and inspiring. He not only helped my son to build up confidence for school, but also influenced his study habits. With William’s help, my son has gained entrance into a selective boarding school in the UK. I am sure the things he learnt from William will help him handle the school works on his own.
- By Kate Wu on 25th November 2023

I got feedback for my final chemistry IA from William, and it was extremely helpful. He guided me through the process of crafting the perfect introduction and discussion without revealing the answers to me, making it an excellent learning experience. The best thing about the session was how nice and reassuring he was with pointing out areas of improvement. Moreover, he is really knowledgeable and does an excellent job at explaining concepts. If you are looking for a kind and reliable tutor, William is the best. Thank you so much!
- By Leon Li (IB N23) on 13th September 2023

I’ve been very lucky to have William as my tutor- I’ve seen huge improvements in my grades that I didn’t think were possible over such a short time. His dedication in helping me succeed and unwavering patience has been a key part in my growth. He explains things very well and can break down complex ideas into smaller, easy to understand concepts. I’ve worked with many tutors, but I’ve got to say William is one of the best in this field.
- By Alyssa Tseng (IB N23) on 4th September 2023

William was very patient and clear in explaining my year 9 science and math content to me. I could talk to him and ask him questions easily, which really streamlined the lessons and made them enjoyable to me. He was also resourceful and could provide structured help for my English exam. From William’s tutoring, I saw an improvement in my grades. Would definitely recommend!
- By James Smith on 20th January 2023

Character references

I have known William in my capacity as classroom teacher of International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Standard Level Analysis and Approaches Mathematics, for 2 years. During this time he has consistently achieved to the highest level and ranks in the top 3 of students in his cohort with a percentage in excess of 90%, which is outstanding in our selective entry STEM Academy. William is an exemplary student in all respects, and as such was appointed as a School Captain. He is bright, inquisitive and articulate young man, who has led the school with dignity and been a thoroughly capable and dedicated Captain. Being confident and independent, as is evidenced by his high performance across all subjects in the highly rigorous International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, William has consistently achieved high levels of academic success. William is also a thoughtful and considerate person, who is able to help and support his peers by being patient, adaptable and empathetic; as a result, he is well liked and respected by his peers and teachers alike. William has a thorough knowledge of the Mathematics course and an outstanding range of mathematical skills. Being highly motivated, he will critically analyse his own work and responds well to criticism, seeking to make the most of every learning opportunity. William independently carries out his mathematical explorations, and can confidently apply his knowledge in real life contexts. For example, his outstanding Internal Assessment entitled ‘Monitoring Tumour Growth for Radiation Therapy’ modelled the rates of tumour growth in humans to find the optimal timing for treatment. Through this, he also demonstrated outstanding writing skills, with clear and concise mathematical language being applied to his piece. In his role as Captain William has been required to work with people from all walks of life from visiting dignitaries, to small children and people from a range of cultural backgrounds and capabilities. Through this he has demonstrated that he is very versatile and that he is respectful and competent in his approach to dealing with others. William strives to excel in all that he does, and has outstanding academic ability and an aptitude for Mathematics among other subjects. Being highly self-motivated and organized he always manages his time effectively and balanced the requirements of his leadership role with his studies and a range of other co- and extra-curricular activities, so that he always met deadlines with poise. With this level determination and the calm and consistent way he approaches all activities, I have no hesitation in most highly and warmly recommending William to you.
- By Helen Bebbington on 10th December 2022