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(IB 45 || 99.95 ATAR) Hey everyone, my name is Liz! I am a 2021 graduate and experienced tutor. I scored a perfect 45 in the IB Diploma (99.95 ATAR equivalent) and am currently studying a Doctor of Medicine at the University of Newcastle, which I am absolutely loving! For the past 2 years I have been tutoring IB students, which I have found to be incredibly rewarding. As my Year 12's prepare to graduate, I'm taking on new students in time for the 2024 academic year! I believe in studying for true understanding, rather than memorising facts for the sake of an exam; this is strongly reflected in my teaching style, which is grounded in consolidating knowledge as we learn, through practice questions and active recall, and ensuring that my students understand the reasoning behind concepts, so that they are well-equipped for any and all learning scenarios. My marks: - English LangLit HL (7) - Spanish B HL (7) - Business Mgmt HL (7) - Biology SL (7) - Maths AA SL (7) - French B SL (7) - TOK (A) - EE in Spanish (A) My achievements: - International Baccalaureate Dux (2021) - Academic Student of the Year (2021) - ADF Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Award (2021) - TJ Ryan Memorial Scholarship Merit Recipient (2021) - QACI Student Director (2021) - Spanish HL Dux (2020, 2021) - French SL Dux (2019, 2021) - Business Management HL Dux (2019, 2020, 2021) - Academic Excellence Award (2019, 2020, 2021) - International Mindedness Award (2019, 2020, 2021) - QACI House Captain (2020) Tutoring is online, conducted via Zoom, which has worked wonderfully for my students and myself, being both an efficient and convenient mode of learning. Unfortunately I do not offer home tutoring, due to my demanding university schedule. My rates are: - $70/hour, Year 11/12 one-on-one lessons - $60/hour Year 9/10 one-on-one lessons - $120 for assignment feedback & proofreading (e.g. HL Essay, TOK Essay, Bio IA, Business IA) - $160 for Extended Essay feedback & proofreading Feel free to contact me with any and all inquiries about my tutoring services.


  • International Baccalaureate Dux (2021)
  • QACI Academic Student of the Year (2021)
  • French B SL Subject Award (2021, 2019)
  • Spanish HL Subject Award (2021, 2020)
  • Business Management HL Subject Award (2021, 2020, 2019)
  • Academic Excellence Award (2021, 2020, 2019)
  • Spirit of QACI Award (2021)
  • TJ Ryan Memorial Scholarship Merit Recipient (2021)
  • ADF Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Award (2021)
  • International Mindedness Award (2021, 2020, 2019)


Year 12 completed in 2021.
Mark achieved: 99.95 (verified).
Currently studying Doctor of Medicine.


  • Learning languages (currently learning Italian!)
  • Tennis
  • Basketball


Liz was a fantastic tutor for my son in his final year of IB. She assisted him with Spanish, Business Management, and Literature and provided invaluable support throughout his Extended Essay (Business Management) and TOK assignment completion. During the final exam preparation, Liz helped him work through and assess his many past papers (practice exams) and provided additional worksheets for Spanish. Her help was invaluable during this period, and he has now been accepted into his choice of course for university this in 2024. I would not hesitate to recommend Liz to anyone, especially in the IB world which is quite a unique and challenging high school experience. Many thanks Liz!!
- By Scott Porter on 17th January 2024

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