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2+ years experience // ATAR 95.5 // kind & patient!

I graduated from Brisbane State High School — where I studied General English, Mathematical Methods, Chinese, Drama, Psychology and English and Literature Extension — in 2021. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries (majoring in Drama and Performance)/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) double-degree at QUT!

My approach to tutoring is very personalised; I cater the methods we use to your needs. I’m very patient, and if an explanation isn’t working, I’ll attempt a different approach, until we figure out what works for you! While I absolutely want to help you improve your grades by better understanding subject content, my main goal as a tutor is to boost your confidence and independent learning skill set!


Year 12 completed in 2021.
Mark achieved: 95.50 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Creative Industries/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at QUT.


Malithi is an excellent tutor and really helpful. I do not only learn a lot faster but also enjoy my time with her.
- By Nia P on 13th April 2022

Malithi is honestly the best person ever. She shines brighter than Rihanna’s diamonds (💎) in the sky 🤩. She caters and adapts to each individuals requirements in learning - especially my beautiful crappy math skills. She’s such a bestie bae and constantly is a baddie (love that for her). She makes learning not only fun and relatable, but also vibes with us like she’s Gen Z even tho she goes to uni (Ikr like what the actual heck). Honestly shes such a vibe, gives lawyer vibes and could easily beat the crap out of you (but wont 😘). She teaches math with so much personality, it feels like she is an Angel that fell from heaven to help me with all the subjects that exist in the world. I am happy just breathing the same air as her and when she’s nearby I can’t help but simply exist 😭. I’m tearing up, she’s so perfect. If you are an individual looking for a tutor, guess what, she should be the one 🫶🫶.

Much love,
Archie bae bae
- By Archita Ssss 🐍 on 12th April 2022

Amazing work! Thanks to all the advice and feedback I’ve received through my tutoring sessions with Malithi, I’ve been able to understand the ISMGs a lot better! She’s very detailed oriented from providing a large amount of resources that have helped with the assessment tasks to the individualised advice she gives based on the assessment criteria. Not only has this been very useful for my current assignment but she has taught me how to improve my skills in hitting every band in the criteria for future assessments. This has been extremely useful for me considering that we do not have much time to go over assessments at school.
- By Senudi Amarasiri on 12th April 2022

Malithi is incredibly patient. She is very good at breaking down the basics to allow the student to then apply this to their assignment. My daughter has had tutoring in English and maths methods and recently scored As in both assessments. We are very happy with Malithi and would highly recommend.
- By Elisabeth Pardede on 11th April 2022

Malithi has been so wonderful in helping me improve in Math Methods & English! She is patient & understanding, is always happy to explain even the most basic concepts, & encourages my learning by showing me how to work on a similar problem so that I can apply it to what I need to, which helps me learn so much better. She goes above & beyond just being a regular tutor & is highly recommended!!:))
- By Ashleigh Pardede on 11th April 2022

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Malithi edited most if not all of my English essays (and more) through out year 12 and she was extremely helpful every single time. She went into so much detail and put in so much effort each time to make sure my essay was the best it could possibly be by suggesting ways to restructure, and other possible words I could use in a specific scenario to best suit it. She went through them too to bottom highlighting, every single grammatical mistake and different ways to write it which, no doubt, elevated my finals scores greatly. She’d make an amazing tutor.
- By Minol on 13th April 2022

Malithi is an incredibly engaging speaker and thoughtful listener. When in class, she always contributes meaningfully to a discussion and introduces a new perspective in a clear way that usually inspires others to speak up as well. Though I've never been directly tutored by Malithi, group work has shown she's skilled at breaking down questions and tasks to better understand and encourages you to provide your best response. She also has a very uplifting personality and is very easy to get along and work with.
- By Aisha Wilson on 13th April 2022

Malithi is an excellent tutor for a multitude of reasons: she excels in her understanding of complex concepts and in her ability to analyse challenging texts. She is a very kind and warm person with a great sense of humour. Malithi makes everyone feel at ease and works well with a wide range of personality types. She is patient, able to think flexibly and has a very in depth understanding of a wide-range of subjects. I have taught Malithi since she was in Grade 8. I’ve also worked with her on a number of plays including “Macbeth” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and she has always been incredibly reliable and a fantastic team player. I would highly recommend Malithi as a tutor.
- By Katrina Hasthorpe on 11th April 2022


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I am happy to meet in a public place such as a library, cafe or park that works for both me and you :) Unfortunately, I do not have space in my house for tutoring and I do not have my Ps yet. I also do offer online tutoring!