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Hey there, my name is Marc :) I am an experienced tutor with a wealth of life experiences. Unlike most new tutors, I have been widely published as a poet, essayist and fiction writer. I am also able to tutor in law, music, mathematics, computing, study technique, and other academic disciplines. I believe that all learning should be fun and there are numerous ways to make that experience enjoyable, creative and innovative. For that reason, I provide lots of variety in the way I tutor. For my English students, this includes the use of audio books, playing word games, facilitating real-life conversations, and many other ways to have fun with the language. As the author of many writings, I will be happy to share these with you and teach you more about them, including my funny poems, my stories, and anything from my personal collection that I find will help you in your studies. As your tutor, I will also let you in on my deepest, most secret learnings about life. I have been incarcerated in mental hospitals and police watchhouses on more than 20 occasions, and have plenty of amazing stories to tell. As a defender of the most vulnerable in our community, I am a passionate animal-rights activist with a large-scale social media presence of more than 1500 followers and, as a volunteer for the Animal Justice Party, a reach of more than 11,000 followers. As my student, you will be encouraged to think creatively and expansively. I will work with you to get your best work published, if that is one of your ambitions, and encourage you to make a career out of something that you are truly passionate about. I can also support you in creating your own social media presence and building up an audience. I provide free, valuable life advice and sometimes write and send all students a newsletter with important ideas and inspirations for your learning journeys. To learn more about me, please make an enquiry. I look forward to meeting you!


  • - I completed a major of English at the Australian National University, achieving a number of High Distinctions.
  • - I have been published/accepted for publication more than 20 times by 'Quadrant', one of Australia's premier literary journals. I have reached millions in journals such as 'Silly Linguistics' and 'Australian Children's Poetry'.
  • - I achieved 1st in the Higher School Certificate (NSW/ACT) for music composition many years ago, with a composition called 'Highway Amble'.
  • - I have won awards and prizes for Mathematics, Music/Pianoforte, Speech And Dramatic Art, and Poetry.
  • - I was the main social media content creator for the Animal Justice Party Qld from mid 2022 to mid 2023, being responsible for creating their most popular posts during this time.
  • - I have self-published books on a wide variety of subjects, including the internet, coding, and much more.


University of New England AU - 1 D, 2 CR Australian National University University of Sydney Canberra Institute of Technology


  • social media
  • family-orientated games
  • universal kindness and animal rights
  • disability support and mental health support


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