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Hi! I'm a final year Doctor of Medicine (MD postgraduate) student at UWA. I graduated UWA with a Bachelor's of Science, double majoring in Medical Sciences and Exercise & Health in 2019. I have been tutoring high school and university students in Australia for the last 6 years, teaching a variety of subjects ranging from Year 5 to 12, and at a University level, all across Perth (even states over East over zoom)! Hence I am up to date with the current curriculum and have lots of resources accumulated over the years.

I studied in the rigorous education system in Singapore for more than 14 years, completed Cambridge GCE 'O' Levels in 2015, moved to Melbourne to complete VCE (ATAR) examinations at the age of 16 (Monash University College) for a year before coming to UWA, where I completed my Undergraduate studies and have been studying here for the last 6 years. So, I completely empathise with the struggles of studying and stress!

I believe that tutoring isn't just about teaching formula or concepts. I always tailor my lessons around confidence building, as that helps student gain the self-efficacy and competence to approach questions, eventually making them enjoy the subject a little more. The downstream effect of that is that students tend to do better in subjects that they enjoy. Most importantly, I believe in the saying "Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you've fed him for a lifetime." - teaching students how to study has been proven way more effective in the long run!

I have experiences working with children/adolescents/adults (ages 3 till 30) with autism, learning disabilities (eg. dyslexia), and various other mental/developmental/intellectual disorders (eg. ADHD, autism, etc). I fully understand and empathise the struggles that students might face (academically and socially) in school and needing extra assistance and guidance. I have vested interests in psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy. I have also worked in many organisations that work with young adults/children struggling with mental/developmental disorders, so I am more than happy to share with students, as well as parents, several learning strategies and techniques. Currently, I am working with tweens/teens with ADHD and delivering CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) in a group. Hence, I am confident in sharing any tips and tricks with students. Feel free to message me for more information or if you'd like to chat regarding this.

I love to create an informal, fun, positive, and effective learning environment for students. Friends describe me as optimistic and cheerful. I love challenging myself to make students who resent any subject to love it again and to score well in it! I also tailor my delivery in teaching according to students' strengths and weaknesses so that they can benefit maximally during tutorials. I thoroughly enjoy math and science (human biology), and love teaching and imparting whatever knowledge/tips I have obtained from studying the past 20 years, and motivate students as much as I can! I have also been told that I am very good at explaining complicated concepts and breaking them down into varying levels depending on what my students already know.

My tutorials are usually run in a way that is tailored to the student, as everyone has different learning styles. I am flexible in the way I run my tutorials, and usually spend some time during the first lesson to discuss what style suits them best. Some things that I cover in a tutoring session:
- Check in on goals for that week, term, semester and year
- Relook at lectures / content for that week
- Active recall: quiz you on some concepts while going through the lectures to ensure understanding before moving on to the next topic
- Spaced repetition: reviewing past content at gradually increasing intervals, it helps information stick better!
- Clarify whatever questions you might have
- Provide relevant and interesting clinical examples / scenarios to apply concepts (for science/biology/human biology)
- Share with you some useful notes and diagrams I have accumulated over the years
- Create Kahoot quizzes to assess understanding of the topic, and work on areas that students are less confident in
- Learn ahead and go through future concepts to stay ahead of classes!

Personally, I have developed and grown while being a tutor. I have learnt to stretch my creativity to adapt to the different learning styles and pace of each of my students. There is no one size fits all, and I try my best to understand my students as individuals so as to design my teaching methodology accordingly. It brings me absolute joy and a sense of accomplishment to be able to help my students overcome their defeated mindset and conquer their fears of these subjects. Giving them the confidence to overcome personal limitation is the greatest satisfaction I can get as a tutor! If I can value-add to someone else's life, be it academically, motivation-wise or just life in general, I will not stop what I am doing as long as I have the time and capacity to cope in the midst of the hustle of uni life!

I own a Working with Children's Check (WWCC).
I own a National Police Certificate (NPC).
I own a Criminal Record Screening Check (CRS).
I own a valid First Aid Certificate.
I own a valid Mental Health First Aid Certificate (MHFA).

I have experiences in and currently tutoring:
- Year 5 Mathematics
- Year 5 English
- Year 7 Mathematics
- Year 7 English
- Year 8 Mathematics
- Year 9 Mathematics
- Year 9 Science
- Year 10 Mathematics
- Year 10 Biology
- Year 10 Science
- Year 11 Human Biology
- Year 11 Methods Mathematics
- Year 12 Methods Mathematics
- Year 12 Human Biology
- Year 12 Biology
- UWA Units (IMED, SSEH, ANHB, PHYL) - message for more detailed unit codes
- Curtin Units (Medicine)
- Notre Dame Units (Nursing, Anatomy, Physiology, Medicine)

Note: I am willing to travel to your place of residence depending on my availability, I can drive up to 20km out of Perth City but extra charges will incur. Chat for more!


  • ATAR 99.90 in VCE
  • 6 HD units, 2 D units in Foundation (Monash University)
  • GCE 'O' Levels (3 HD, 1 D)
  • Good Progress Award 2013 (by Ministry of Education, Singapore)
  • Good Progress Award 2014 (by Ministry of Education, Singapore)
  • ECHA Award 2015 (by Ministry of Education, Singapore)
  • 12HDs and 10Ds out of 24 units done in UWA Undergrad
  • Badminton Captain in High School (Singapore) - 2012-2015
  • Badminton Captain in College (Perth) - 2018-2019
  • Social Ultimate Frisbee Admin Captain 2020
  • Model Student Award 2012 (by St. Margaret's Secondary School)
  • Best Improved Student Award 2012 (by St. Margaret's Secondary School)
  • Medicine Pre-Employment Grant Scholarship (Ministry of Health, Singapore)


Year 12 completed in 2016.
Mark achieved: 97.00.
Currently studying Doctor of Medicine (MD) at The University of Western Australia.


  • Ultimate frisbee !!!
  • big interest in mental health/psychiatry/learning difficulties
  • used to deliver ubereats on my fixie bike
  • I actually love working.. a lot!


Edwina is a super amazing tutor and person (and even that is an understatement), and I wouldn't have made it through the year without her! Edwina is a supportive, helpful and encouraging person, and puts in a lot of effort when she is helping me prep for my upcoming assessments. I'm super super grateful that I have her as my apps tutor!
- By RK on 13th January 2022

Edwina is amazing. I needed help remembering (and learning) some topics for the GRE exam and she helped me tremendously. She made sure I understood each topic, was very patient with me and most importantly helped me gain confidence in what I was doing. Edwina is very supportive and encouraged me to keep going, I am very glad I had her as my tutor.
- By SS on 12th January 2022

I believe Edwina can help any student from Y-11 methods to university grade medicine. She isn’t just a tutor but a great friend and person who Is always willing to answer questions and doubt a student may have. She help me through year 11 as I was struggling but now I am slowly beginning to succeed and looking foreword to the year ahead
- By Prewitt Nair on 24th November 2021

Edwina tutored me for my semester 1 IMED1001 unit at UWA and I’m so lucky she did! From our first session, she created a comfortable and engaging learning space.

I sometimes struggle with identifying concepts I don’t understand fully. Edwina helped immensely by asking lots of concept based, active recall questions, which allowed me to recognise areas I was struggling with and focus my study.

Edwina’s tutoring was very comprehensive and she offered a range of techniques for understanding and memorising content. The tutoring sessions were a breath of fresh air from tedium of lectures!
- By Jenny Yeoman on 19th July 2021

Since I started being tutored by Edwina my math and science grades have significantly improved. She has not just been an amazing tutor and helped me understand my topics better but has also helped me build me confidence and attitude towards learning and making sure I give all my best effort into the work and study. Edwina is an extremely intelligent young lady and has great achievements in many fields which makes her an excellent tutor for all subjects. I would highly recommend hiring Edwina as a tutor if u are looking for help or someone to encourage you with your work.
- By Hannah Purdy on 28th June 2021

Edwina tutored me in my form and function (IMED1001) unit at UWA. I felt I needed help as I had no background in human biology from high school, and Edwina helped me feel confident in the topic and gain subject knowledge. Edwina was able to quickly identify how I learned best, and tailored her teaching to this so I truely understood the content. My interactions with Edwina when planning tutoring sessions were always positive, and she was super helpful and wanted me to succeed. I always left sessions feeling confident and prepared, and with helpful tips on how to prepare for my assessments and where to focus my study.

Big thanks for all your help!!
- By Indi on 28th June 2021

I was tutored by Edwina for Exercise Prescription and Nutrition for Health and Fitness (SSEH3301) in 2020 semester 1. Frankly speaking, I was apprehensive about a level 3 sports science unit because I took it up as an elective and I am not familiar with the ins and outs of sports science. As such, I decided to seek Edwina’s help for the unit and I am happy to say that I am glad that I did. Edwina used acronyms and a myriad of study techniques to show me how learning a vast amount of unfamiliar jargons and definitions can be made easy with a few tricks to help yourself better retain the information. This was done in an engaging manner that really made getting through the unit fun and not as tedious as I thought it would be. Her explanation of the content was also easy to understand and memorable such that I felt that I could absorb the information within the session itself, which served as an excellent way to revise my content after having watched the lectures. In all, I believe that Edwina is a wonderful tutor and I highly recommend her to students seeking help in their units!
- By Claire N on 29th July 2020

Edwina is a wonderful tutor. She is highly intelligent and very patient when going through content. Everything is done thoroughly and she does a great job in making sure that a concept is understood before moving on. If you are looking for a tutor, I would 100% recommend her!
- By May Tia on 17th May 2020

Edwina has been my math tutor this year, and she is excellent. She is very well prepared ahead of each session, she is very good at explaining concepts and then helping me work through examples to ensure I understand everything and can then apply this knowledge in a test situation. She also listens really well and is really nice. She adapts her teaching approach to your style of learning, so you can get the most out of each session. I would highly recommend her.
- By Isabella Harding on 16th May 2020

I engaged Edwina to tutor my girl in grade 12 human biology. My girl used to hate this subject because she finds that there are too much content to study and she has difficulty remembering the facts. She lost interest and got discouraged. My last resort was to get a tutor and hopefully to teach her in a creative manner and to rekindle her interest again. I saw a huge change in my girl’s learning attitude after 3 months. Her grades improve and she looks forward to her tutoring session. She can understand the subject with clarity and she could see the relevance of what she studies in real life. What a relief for me and my girl. I highly recommend Edwina for her passion, her enthusiasm and her effort to make sure that her student benefit from her session. Edwina makes sure that learning takes place and knowledge is retained and applied. What a gem I’ve found!
- By Helen W on 3rd February 2020

I spent two years being tutored by Edwina in Methods and I've never had so much fun doing maths! Originally my mathematics skills were fairly horrendous and I struggled to do any study, however Edwina taught me not only how to analyse the question and apply the correct maths techniques, but also how to structure my studying and overall timetable to make the most of my time and take in all of the important information without slaving over the excess. She inspired and showed me how to become better at such an invaluable subject, to the point that I was able to gain acceptance into my goal university and area of study! Thank you so much Edwina, I am forever grateful <3
- By Amy on 20th February 2019

Character references

Edwina's teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. Doesn’t waste your time explaining meaningless background information and always lectures with the intent to help you understand the material. She is helped me understand content for multiple classes and is better than most of my teacher I’ve had. Recommending her is a no brainer. Edwina has been like a mentor to me and assisted me through tough and stressful times both to do with coursework but also a few issues I have had with friends. I have always struggled to make friends, and Edwina is someone who I consider to be a friend. Not only do I look forward to learning but I also look forward to someone who makes me feel like I can be myself
Ps) I will always be her favourite student ;)
- By Daisy Smith on 12th January 2022

Our daughter (Year 7) has been tutored by Edwina in maths. Our daughter enjoys each session with Edwina as she is a patient, organised and excellent tutor. Our daughters test marks have improved significantly and she is developing more confidence in her maths ability. We really appreciate Edwina's tutoring approach and she also offers flexibility in being available for extra tutoring before tests. Thank you Edwina!
- By Georgina H on 1st October 2020

Our daughter (Year 9) has been tutored by Edwina in Math this year. Communication with Edwina is very easy and she is very punctual and polite. Our daughter thinks Edwina is an excellent tutor and we have been very impressed how organized she is for every session, how clearly explains things, and how patient she is. Our daughters test marks this year have been excellent, she is developing more confidence in her math ability, and she is really starting to enjoy math because of the help and support from Edwina. Thank you Edwina.
- By Chris Harding (parent) on 16th May 2020

I've known Edwina to be a tutor for as long as I've met her, and sometimes when I walk by, I never fail to see her student enjoying and fully engrossed in the session. Edwina tries to tailor her teaching style to fit her students instead of expecting her students to fit to hers, and I have personally experienced it when she was helping me out with a maths assignment. She is patient and is actively creating a fun and interactive learning environment where tutoring sessions are usually a session of discussion and teaching, instead of just her talking and letting the students absorb passively!
- By Jen C on 12th May 2020


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