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New Syllabus || Online lessons or in-person at Epping

Hi there, I'm Yoonji. I'm a 2020 James Ruse AHS graduate and achieved an ATAR of 99.90. I'm currently studying medicine at UNSW Kensington, but have been tutoring for more than 3 years with a specialised focus on Maths (Y7-12) and Biology (12).

✅ I teach NSW new syllabus:
- Maths (7-11, Adv 2U, Ext 1, Ext 2)
- HSC Biology
- Advanced English (11-12) for the following texts ONLY:
Othello, Citizen Kane, 1984, Tempest/Hagseed and T.S. Eliot poetry
- Medicine Interview Prep

✅ Why you can trust me:
- 1000+ hours of tutoring experience, having taught over 40 students in a private setting and as a group tutor at ACE tuition, Kurt's Mathematics Centre and Alpha One College.
- Premier's Debate Coach at James Ruse AHS
- My students are from: James Ruse, Baulkham Hills, Sydney Grammar, Knox Grammar, North Sydney Girls, Sydney Girls, North Sydney Boys, Normanhurst Boys, The Kings school, MLC, Pymble Ladies College, Cumberland HS... Just to name a few!
- 100% acceptance rate for every interview sat (Accepted into USYD Dentistry, UQ Medicine, Newcastle Medicine and U-Melb Medicine)

✅ Student Results! Note: these achievements are not accredited to me, but reflects a combination of asking lots of questions, hard work and resilience as shown by my excellent students.

- Biology Student in Y12 improved from rank 156th to rank 8th in her cohort (2021)
- Biology Student in Y12 graduated dux of her year (2021)
- Biology Student in Y12 ranked 12th in his cohort (2021)
- Y12 4U Student ranked 9th in his cohort (2021)
- Y12 4U Student rose from rank 120th to 17th in one year (2021)
- Y12 3U Student improved her marks by 40% in the span of one year (2021)
- Y11 3U Student, previously on the verge of dropping 3U, is now ranking top 20 in his cohort (2022)
- Y11 2U Student achieved dux of her year (2021)
- From Y7-9 mathematics, 4 of my students have improved to achieve 95-100% in their most recent 2 exams, making them approximately rank within the top 10 in their school. (2022)

✅ On a side note:
- I’m committed to help you not only get the marks you desire but also help you build the study routine that will ground you for your future studies. In this way, my service extends beyond the set hours of tutoring. I’m always just a message or phone call away if you need help.
- I have plenty of material and can assign homework if needed. If you need any more work, you need only ask ☺️ I can also provide diagnostic tests for senior maths prior to lessons and during exam periods.

Most importantly though, I will not quit on you, ever.
I pride myself for my dedication towards my students, and am passionate about helping you reach your goals, as much as I possibly can. I will be your tutor, but I also want to become your mentor and trusted friend!! :)

✅ Stats
Internal ranks; HSC mark. Overall atar: 99.90
3U Maths: 3rd (99)
4U Maths: 13th (95)
Adv English: 20th (95)
Chemistry: 17th (96)
Biology: 2nd (94)

✅ Rate:
1-1 hourly rate is $120 for all subjects except Junior MATHS (7-10) which is $100
🔅SAVE: Bring a friend and get $80 per person per hour. Each student gets the same amount of support as they would in a private lesson. Limit of up to 3 students per session.

If you need help beyond the subjects I offer, you are more than welcome to ask for potential referrals.

✅ Location:
For all in-person private and group lessons, I teach at my studio that is a 5 minute walk away from Epping station. For all online lessons, I utilise zoom (same links every week)

✅ Availability: Currently I am fully booked out. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please let me know- otherwise check back on my page for any openings as I will update as frequently as possible.

Wednesday: FULL
Thursday (online only): FULL
Saturday: FULL
Sunday: FULL

✅ Contact:
Direct message me through this ad and I will get back to you shortly. Alternatively, you can find me on facebook and message me there.


Year 12 completed.
Mark achieved: 99.90 (verified).


Yoonji Kim was great. She was always nice to her students and prepared a lot in every class. She was confident and encouraged to study and tried to find the best answer to any student's questions. I have no doubt recommended her to other students.
- By Tae E on 22nd April 2021

Character references

Yoonji has been helping my daughter with her maths for about a year now and since Yoonji has come on board, not only has there been an improvement in her grades, her attitude towards the subject has improved as well. My daughter likes Yoonji because she takes the time to explain & ensure understanding of the content she teaches. She is very patient with her students and will ensure they understand before moving forward.
My daughter is now considering taking on 3U maths, which was definitely not on her mind prior to lessons! Thank you Yoonji for all your help.
- By Jenny Chow on 24th June 2022


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