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Qualified High School Maths Teacher with over 5 years of tutoring/teaching experience.

"To do well in Maths, you need the love for maths, hard work and a passion for it".
I teach Maths because I love Maths and have a passion for teaching the subject.

I am a full-time high school maths teacher. Since 2014, I have taught and tutored a wide range of students from high school to university; all of which have improved significantly in their grades during their time studying with me. I have been teaching at various schools such as Marist College Kogarah, Casimir Catholic College, Riverside Girls High School, Condell Park Public School, Dulwich HSVAD and Tempe High School.

I have been tutoring students from schools such as Conservatorium High School, Newington College, Pesbyterian Ladies' College Sydney, Sydney Technical High School, MLC School, Santa Sabina College, Burwood Girls High School, St Patrick's College Strathfield, St Andrew's Cathedral School, Rosebank College, Sydney Secondary College Blackwattle Bay, Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt, Tempe High School, Dulwich HSVAD, Concord High School, St Maroun's College, Trinity Grammar School, Marrickville High School, Marist College Kogarah and Holy Cross College.

The services I offer are one-on-one and group tutoring (if you have already had a group). In my opinion, maths is about the practice of understood concepts, so I lead my students through as many examples as possible, increase their confidence. Leading up to examinations, the focus turns to completing questions from past papers and the development of examination strategies.

I am available on both weekdays and weekend. I visit students' homes.

Contact me to know more about my availability. (Leave your phone number and email number and I will contact you promptly)

My rates for 1-on-1 is
+ [ Year 7-8 ] - 1.5hr lesson* | weekly ***
+ [ Year 9-10 ] - 2hr lesson* | weekly ***
+ [ Advance/2U ] - 2hr lesson* | weekly ***
+ [ Ext 1/ 3U ] - 2hr lesson* | weekly ***
+ [ Ext 2/ 4U ] - 2hr lesson* | weekly ***

Rate for IB is $100/hr
+ [SL/HL] - 2hr lesson* | weekly ***

My rate for group tutoring (2-4 students of the same year level) is $50/hr/student:
+ [ Year 7-8 ] - 1.5hr lesson* | weekly ***
+ [ Year 9-12] - 2hr lesson* | weekly ***
+ [ Ext 2/ 4U ] - 2hr lesson* | weekly ***

* Sufficient time is required for students to study and improve. While it is possible for some students to learn faster than their class cohorts, most students need time. Don't rush things that need time to grow!

***More hrs can be arranged if necessary



I was struggling with senior maths and had tried various tutors already when I started lessons with Kendrick. He was really great at helping me catch up on the things I hadn't understood and showing me the best methods for understanding and remembering all the content. Most importantly, he helped me get my confidence back and motivated me to work even harder. His resources (worksheets, past papers, etc.) are invaluable when it comes to exam time.

Thanks to Kendrick I was able to achieve a band 6 in mathematics and high e3 in extension 1. I would recommend him to everyone, especially people looking for a good extension tutor in the sea of under qualified uni students.
- By Susanna Gillard on 22nd December 2019

Having gone through all of the junior years of high school getting D's and C's, I did not at all enjoy mathematics. I didn't understand things, I was behind on important topics, and because of how much I struggled I hated mathematics.

Starting in year 10 I began tutoring with Ken. The difference a good teacher can have on a student is immense. Ken's understanding and patient attitude, and obvious passion for teaching and mathematics turned my perception of maths completely around. I began to understand better what was being taught and even began to look forward to maths classes at school.

Ken is without a doubt the best teacher I've ever had. He is easy-going, fun and engaging. His attitude and passion are infectious and he is perhaps the sole reason I now love mathematics. Having achieved a 92 in 2U Mathematics I am eagerly looking forward to starting an applied mathematics degree at USyd.

Can't express how grateful I am, and what an impact Ken had on my education. I highly recommend Ken to any student looking to improve their mathematics skills.
Thank you so much Ken! :)
- By Finlay Jones on 17th December 2019

I attended two different tutoring colleges throughout year 10 and the first half of year 11 (Dr. Du and Pre-Uni). They just raced through the contents to make sure you have seen the topics prior to the lessons at school. I just couldn't keep up and decided to get a private tutor instead. Ken is absolutely brilliant. He is patient, fun and understanding. His teaching pace varied to suit my learning needs. He also gave me practical studying tips that I had not heard before but were extremely useful. Thanks to Ken's expertise and assistance, I was able to improve significantly and achieve the overall score of 93 for Maths 2U and 91 for Maths 3U. No doubt in Ken's ability to assist HSC students. Well-trained teacher - excellent tutor - diligent mentor. Highly recommend!
- By Nicholas Craig on 12th March 2018

Thanks to Ken, I got band 6 for both my maths units which enabled to get into the uni course that I wanted at the beginning of this year. I had improved significantly during my two years of studying with Ken. It wasn't easy but Ken was always very encouraging. He had provided me with helpful studying tips, exam techniques and time management skills, not just for maths but for other subjects as well. His lessons are always very informative, yet easy-going. Ken is dedicated and I know he truly cares for his students. If you are looking for someone to help you get better maths results, I highly recommend Ken as a tutor! - PS: Look out for the colorful memory notes :)
- By Tina Tran on 4th March 2018

Ken is exceptional at his job. He is always well prepared for each lesson and has an extensive knowledge of mathematics. Ken is friendly but also strict about being organised and completing homework, which I'm all for. He is tutoring my two sons (currently in Yr9 and Yr11), both have improved significantly in maths and changed their overall attitudes towards the subject for the past 2 years. My younger son says he likes maths more because he understands what his teacher explains at school and also Ken has given him a lot of good tips to make maths easier. My elder son is doing Maths Extension 1 and is extremely confident with an outstanding average. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ken to anyone!
- By Sophia Mason on 27th February 2018

Ken has been really helpful not only as a tutor but also a guider in my ways of learning and improvement :) Although I only started lessons with Ken this year but I gained myself more confident that I was lacked of in Maths before. He is a passionate teacher and has always been there to encourage me. Ken provided me studying techniques (colourful memory notes), and exam tips those helped me increasing my marks significantly during my HSC course. His lessons are practical and make much more sense than my teachers. I sometimes personally find Ken as a mentor yet a friend that I can talk to (and it is such a wonderful thing). Would definitely 100% recommend Ken as a tutor for anyone that is in need :)
- By Tram Ngoc Trinh on 25th February 2018

Ken has been really helpful during the course of my HSC. With his help, I had gained confidence with Maths 2U and 3U by the time I started Year 11. Finished my HSC with band E4 for both maths 3U/4U. Definitely 100% recommend Ken as a tutor/mentor for anyone in need of helps with Maths!
- By Thomas Stevenson on 19th February 2018

Ken is an excellent maths tutor, our high school student needed assistance with Yr 11/12 maths and he was able to explain and simplify complex maths problems. I thoroughly recommend Ken for maths tutoring
- By Martine Merritt on 30th July 2017

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I am available on both weekdays and weekend. I mostly work in Sydney Inner West and South West. I usually visit students' homes. Suburbs include: Abbotsford- Annandale- Ashbury- Ashfield- Belfield- Beverly Hills- Burwood- Burwood Heights- Camperdown- Campsie- Canada Bay- Clemton Park- Concord- Concord West- Chiswick- Croydon- Croydon Park- Drummoyne- Dulwich Hill- Enfield- Enmore- Erskineville- Earlwood- Five Dock- Forest Lodge- Gladesville- Haberfield- Hurlstone Park- Leichhardt- Lewisham- Lilyfield- Marrickville- Mortlake- Newtown- North Strathfield- Petersham- Rodd Point- Roselands- Rozelle- Russell Lea- St Peters- Stanmore- Strathfield- Strathfield South- Summer Hill- Sydenham- Tempe- Wareemba.