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Hi there! I am a passionate, enthusiastic, and qualified tutor, with tutoring experience (as both a private tutor and in highly competitive tutoring companies) since 2015. I strongly encourage and motivate my students to achieve the best results possible, and in turn, they develop confidence in their abilities, remarkably excel, and thoroughly enjoy their learning!

Tailored tutoring will be able to enhance your strengths AND help overcome your weaknesses. Hence, I alter my tutoring style to suit each student’s needs. So, whether you’re struggling and need extra guidance or wish to learn at a more advanced level, I’m here to help you achieve YOUR goals.
I genuinely realize the imperative for a tutor to be able to:
- answer queries - consolidate classwork - accelerate learning
And that's exactly why I ensure a strong conceptual understanding of the fundamentals before advancing on to more difficult concepts.

To develop maximum and effective progress, I provide my students with:
- an accurate compilation of comprehensive syllabus notes from a variety of essential resources, all synthesized and summarised into a condensed theory booklet.
I regularly test their understanding of crucial concepts via:
- weekly customized practice tests
- homework quizzes with accurate and constructive feedback
- a huge archive of exam questions/papers with complete worked solutions for effective application of knowledge, all of which boost improvements and consolidate the application of the knowledge learned.

I am confident and determined to effectively prepare you well for your exams and guide you in your academic journey so that YOU can deliver the best results consistently. Please don't hesitate to message me with any further questions or booking interests. Looking forward to hearing from you!



  • Letter of Academic Excellence 2013, 2014 & 2015
  • HSC Distinguished achievers list
  • Sports House Captain, Peer Support leader, High Resolves Initiative Leader
  • Attained a Band 6 (highest band) in the HSC for all of my subjects
  • Multiple High Distinctions and service awards



I find that Anu is extremely helpful in structuring her lessons and assisting me to understand my yr 10, 11 and 12 subjects like Maths and Science so much better. She is extremely calm and patient and makes sure that the concept is well-understood. Her teaching style is so flexible and it really makes learning fun! If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have found my subjects to be manageable as she even helped with time management and prioritising concepts for an exam. Thanks Anu! :)
- By Elena Pembrook on 20th November 2021

My kids are thoroughly enjoying their tutoring with Anu, look forward to every session and have learnt more with her than with online schooling. She has helped my son with his HSC tremendously during this pandemic and there have been a lot of his weakness areas that Anu covers and transforms them into his strengths. She has an incredible talent for teaching kids of all ages! I would highly recommend her as a tutor if kids are struggling or need that extra push to get them motivated or if they are falling behind at school because of online learning. Anu has been able to bring my kids' marks up and I am so happy that she is there to support, motivate and provide guidance for my son and daughters!
- By Dipti on 7th August 2021

My husband and I were very impressed with Anu's profile and immediately knew that she is someone who can bring out the best in a student after meeting her for my son's first lesson. My son has built up so much of his confidence and is extremely happy with where he is now compared to before starting tutoring with Anu. She has also helped my daughter with organization in homework and assessments/exams that it has become easier for her to stay competent as the year gets more difficult. Anu is very capable and highly skilled in improving their English marks as she has quick and relevant feedback which changes their writing drastically for the better. Would definitely recommend her tutoring service!
- By Julie C on 9th May 2021

Very happy with the progress so far, as both my son and daughter enjoy their English lessons and have come so far already. I was quite dubious about online tutoring but both my kids have completely transformed after one lesson with the help and commitment from Anu. Their results at school and in their school reports have improved tremendously and they are so much more confident that before in their writing and speaking. By far I would say that Anu is the best tutor we have had so far for English! Thanks
- By Jo Miller on 24th January 2021

Anu has been a tremendous help for my daughters and son since they started high school. I have seen them progress and be more confident in their skills unlike with any other tutor. She has done miracles and I am genuinely impressed and am grateful to have had her support. She is easy to work with and very friendly to communicate. I was extremely happy and overwhelmed when I saw the commendable marks in my childrens' report. My son finished his HSC in 2020, scoring an ATAR above 97, because of her help. We are extremely happy with her tutoring skills and so many of my other friends have repeatedly spoken the same about her. Anu is extremely successful in helping so, so many students who are enrolled with her. Definitely, don't miss this opportunity!
- By Monika Saighal on 6th January 2021

Anu is an amazing tutor who was able to turn around my son from hating Maths to being the student who helps the kid next to him. He has now become so keen to attend his lesson weekly, and shows a concentration and motivation level I never thought he could have. I feel that Anu is as personally invested in his education as we are. I recommend Anu's tutoring guidance very highly because she is invaluable and no one can find a better tutor than her, that is guaranteed.
- By Jerry on 3rd December 2020

Anu is the best tutor ever! She has helped me immensely with all of my subjects and really does put in the effort to help me whenever I am stuck, unlike some of the other tutors I have had in the past. She is willing to help and really understands the struggle of balancing high school learning with the other part of high school life. She is extremely knowledgeable, considerate and patient with tutoring that you don't feel embarrassed about asking her questions when stuck. Everything makes so much more sense when she explains it, don't know how! I would highly recommend every high school student to have a tutor like her.
- By Ashleigh B on 18th October 2020

Anu has been an incredible tutor for our daughters in years 9 and 11. She has a wonderful gift with young people and makes learning for them extremely simple and fun. She provides them with simplified notes and diagrams and flowcharts that help them understand concepts that their teachers at school couldn't. My girls are now able to work independently and confidently which they never used to before. I am so happy that I found a tutor like Anu! She has made an enormous difference in their learning and confidence and is very supportive and patient.
- By Laura V on 23rd September 2020

Anu is a lovely tutor who helped me understand topics that my teacher at school didn't explain very well even if I asked for help, but he would not explain how to do each step and show my working out or get to the right answer. I began disliking Maths and losing motivation to study, but after I found Anu to tutor me for my subjects, I moved up from 5.2 bottom class to 5.3 top class, only because she helped my tremendously and it became much more enjoyable as I could understand topics better. She is so patient that even when I make mistakes, she takes the time to explain it and gives me harder questions to challenge myself. I would highly recommend Anu. She is a really good tutor you don't want to miss~!
- By Lilly C on 22nd July 2020

Anu helped me learn and refresh the basics of biology and chemistry in preparation for year 11 prelims last year and is helpin me with my trials right now. She was always very enthusiastic and actually made my subjects extremely enjoyable for me. The way she explains things in a much easier way makes it simple to grasp new things. Thanks so much for all your help Anu. Definitely recommend for anyone who needs extra help :)
- By James on 16th July 2020

Anu tutors my son in yr 10 and daughter in year 11 every week, really well by breaking down complex concepts in a way that they become easier for them to understand. My daughter started with Standard Maths and now Anu teaches her for English Advanced and Biology as well. Anu is very flexible with respect to tutoring arrangements and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a tutor for their child! I cannot believe how well they are now doing because of her support!
- By Kathy on 30th June 2020

Anu is a really good tutor. Throughout Year 12 she was able to help me with Advanced English, Extension Maths and Physics. I enjoyed the fact that she would tailor the lessons to suit what I was covering in school and help me with the areas I found difficult at school. Her resources like extensive notes and abundance of past exam papers with thorough solutions, were extremely helpful! I was able to improve my HSC marks significantly and I wouldn’t have been able to get a Band 6 in those subjects without her as she always helped me understand and master the concepts better than I could myself.  
- By Jacob on 30th June 2020

Anu is an amazing tutor, very friendly, respectful and understanding. She is very supportive, provides useful advice and study tips and teaches at a good pace so that I am confident in my subjects at school. She helped me really well with my school assignments and she is very responsive in regards to checking my work.
- By Olivia P on 28th November 2019

Anu is a tutor who I would highly recommend. She is extremely supportive and highly skilled in the way that she teaches. She makes difficult physics concepts seem much simpler, I wish all teachers at school could teach like that! My HSC journey has become A LOT easier, only through regular weekly tutoring lessons from Anu, where she helped me with theory and practice questions and essays. She also helped me with my time management and note-making strategies across many of my subjects.
- By Daniel on 8th August 2019

I started with Anu for my Year 10 Maths. I spent two hours with her every week and I can say that she definitely built my confidence up in this subject. I liked her teaching method and the way she used her extra resources to give me the best support. She is very patient and efficient at teaching. We get a lot of content covered each lesson, which allows me to understand things at school with much more clarity. Would recommend her most definitely.
- By Michelle Ray on 29th May 2019

Extremely happy to have a tutor like Anu who is capable in guiding me with multiple subjects and helps in providing weekly assessments of what I learn in school. I like the way she teaches and makes even the most difficult and complicated things so easy to understand! Both me and my younger brother have really found our grades have significantly improved since we started learning from her. A very positive and motivating tutor to have.
- By Sam on 19th March 2019

Helped me improve in my school results significantly!
I would definitely recommend Anu as a maths and English tutor. She is extremely patient and encouraging and has very helpful resources. She helped me with many of my subjects, like English, History, Commerce and Science. She helped me to improve and move into the top maths stream. Would recommend to all students.
- By Ashley Baker on 1st January 2019

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Anu, Samuel's Math's grades have improved drastically, and even my friend's daughter also got much higher grades with you tutoring her for HSC. Thank you so much, our son has gone from getting in the 50s to 90s after getting your help. Your support for him has been extremely encouraging and valuable to his learning. Mary and I are genuinely indebted to you for helping our son improve!
- By Jared M on 3rd December 2020

All of my three kids were finding Biology, English, and Maths extremely difficult in school and it was getting to the point that they began failing their exams. Once I contacted Anu for tutoring, she miraculously saved their grades and assisted them significantly in received distinction, commendable school marks. It came as a huge surprise to all of us when they got their results back and we cannot thank Anu enough for her tutoring assistance throughout their preliminary and HSC year. Their marks boosted rapidly and I could definitely notice a difference in their confidence and positive attitude towards their learning. She went through so much effort and had admirable patience to help them every single lesson. I am extremely thankful for her efforts in helping my children succeed.
- By Liam Dublin on 18th October 2020

I still remember my first ever lesson with Anu, she left a long-lasting positive and motivational impression on me and encouraged me to stay motivated all throughout year 12. HSC has been difficult but my marks in Maths Advanced have boosted extremely fast. I have been able to perform to a level that has made me proud of myself and more confident because Anu was always there to help me address the problems during Year 12. I am so happy I found her as a tutor and do not hesitate to say that she will help you succeed far and beyond school! I am so grateful that she was able to help me with most of my subjects as I don't know how I could have consistently stayed organised and motivated this year.
- By Amy P on 23rd September 2020

My sons are in their third year of Maths tutoring with Anu. She shows immense enthusiasm and dedication and is always happy to help out with their subjects when needed. She is friendly, engaging, flexible, and approaches tutoring with incredible patience, enthusiasm, and positivity. I have recommended her to many of my friends for their children already and I also highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for extra support.
- By Julie-Anne K on 20th July 2020

Anu tutored my son for HSC Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English last year. At the beginning of the year he was finding it difficult to keep up with school and lacking motivation and study skills. So he finally agreed to have a tutor and I was fortunate to find Anu on high school tutors. Anu was genuinely interested in helping my son to understand concepts and meet year 12 expectations. His grades improved over the year with her support and she guide and motivate him throughout the HSC year. Anu assisted him with his Chemistry assignments in which he scored 100% and topped the class. I would highly recommend her. She is able to build knowledge, skills and confidence in a relatively short period of time. She is a lovely, respectful person, and extremely, flexible. I cannot thank her enough for the help she has given my son.
- By Sujata M on 16th July 2020

I recently contacted Anu for tutoring both my 2 sons (years 9&10) and daughter (in year 12) late last year. Anu has helped them tremendously across all of their subjects and in such a short time span, my daughter definitely progressed from having very little confidence in achieving her goal and limited knowledge to ranking in the top for most of her HSC subjects so far. Although the online school learning situation was tough for both my sons, they were well taught by Anu and are doing so much better in school than they previously were. I would highly recommend everyone to take up her tutoring services as she has made studying for my kids enjoyable and straightforward compared to the tutors they have had in the past. It's a miracle!
- By Jason Hamilton on 9th June 2020


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