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Online and face-to-face tutoring over the Summer to ensure your child is ready for the 2021 school year!
3 spots of 12 ‘Summer School’ now available. Please contact ASAP if you would would like to work together to help your child succeed 😊


Hi! My name is Kathleen Feeney, 27 years old. I am not a uni student, but am occupied as a professional tutor. I also work in the not-for-profit sector as a writer and manager. My official job titles in the past few years include: content writer, freelance journalist, grant writer, speechwriter (exclusively for CEOs, politicians and members of my board of Directors), public relations manager (press releases), social media manager and event coordinator.
I am also a Masters tutor in all courses and degrees, and freelance as an editor for publishing firms.

I am approachable, considerate and understand that effective learning is ensured through engagement and commitment.
Often tutors can be intimidating, and students have difficulty opening up about their issues. I believe that building trust and an open relationship is essential to ensuring your child's success.
Success may always be achieved, though it may require some help. I hope that through my support and guidance, my students and I can work together to improve their results and confidence in their learning.

Through my occupation, I specialize in writing speeches, newspaper articles and testimonials. My work has been published in several newspapers, both local and national. I have written speeches for prominent sector leaders, as well as providing information and analysis directly to our Board of Trustees. Working with public servants and members of the business community, I have been able to explore the depth of complexity within the English language, which strengthens my ability to access a student's needs, learning and writing styles, and adopt an approach that will help them achieve their best.

Working with a large scale NGO, I am able to assist all departments and programs by writing websites for many of our affiliated companies, reviewing/preparing most documents produced by the organisation, and organizing events attended by politicians and prominent members of society.

Most of my University students of 2019/20 have now completed their Masters in a range of fields; all never receiving lower than a Distinction following my assistance (many had previously been given Passes or Credits).
Past students include CEOs of large scale organisations, Director of Surgical Training for Melbourne's Women's and Children's Hospitals, theoretical physicists, biomedical scientists, published writers, engineers and many more.
Due to my experience and proven ability in the field, I am also recommended by the Royal Melbourne, Royal Children's, and several other medical facilities, to assist medical and surgical residents complete and receive satisfactory work and results from their studies.

I am available for my students every day, as I understand the pressures of VCE and make it my mission to help your child succeed, in a (relatively) stress-free environment.
As your child's tutor, you can be assured that I will work with your child to help them not only to succeed but to build a strong foundation for learning, which will carry them through to their further studies.



  • Dancing - prof. dancer until recently
  • Acting - studying at an international level
  • Writing - published
  • Singing - have completed my musical examinations level 8
  • Modelling - working with local and philanthropic brands
  • Study - I am continuously studying through a variety of universities. Currently studying via Harvard and Berkeley


Kathleen tutored a niece and she was very good. Engaging and encouraging.
- By Kay on 6th July 2018

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