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ATAR 99.95 | first in state Japanese Heritage | writing/speaking help | $30~ |

I came first in state for 2016 HSC Japanese Heritage. Please send me a message and I will share you my email address to help you with following.

- Private Online Lessons:
$80/hr ; anything you wish to cover. Reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar checks.

- All levels of Japanese writing marking and feedback:
$30 for 250-ji writing (Japanese Beginners extended response questions),
$40 for 400-ji writing (Japanese Continuers extended response questions) ,
for 600-ji writing (Japanese Extension extended response questions).

- Japanese Extension Monologue marking and feedback:
Please attempt your question and send me your notes + audio recording

- Speaking practice via zoom:
Please email me for price and availability.

Email me with following details.
1. Your name, your school name, school year (eg. Jane Doe, ABC Highschool, year 12)
2. Which stream of Japanese you study (eg. Japanese Continuers)
3. Your writing question/topic (eg. You have decided to take next year off between school and university to do
some volunteer work. Write an email to a friend to persuade him/her to do
the same.)
4. Where you got your question from (eg. HSC Japanese Continuers 2017 paper Question 13 b)
5. Your writing (Preferably a word document) or your recording + notes for Japanese extension monologue

I will respond within a day with my bank details, and your writing will be marked and sent back within 2 days.

I love seeing my students improve and I am definitely dedicated as a tutor.

ATAR: 99.95
State ranks: Jap heritage(1st), ESL (4th)

ESL- 98
Jap heritage - 96
Mathematics Ext 1 - 100
Mathematics Ext 2 - 98
Physics - 93


  • 1st in State, Japanese Heritage 2016
  • 2017 winner of NSW Japanese speech contest (background level)


Year 12 completed in 2016.
Mark achieved: 99.95 (verified).
Currently studying Science (Advanced Mathematics) at The University of Sydney.


  • guitar


Very knowledgeable math tutor with helpful tips and tricks dealing with difficult problems. She explains math concepts clearly and provides thorough steps to the thought process to solving problems. Also, she provides relevant and detailed feedback for mistakes and gaps in knowledge. Would recommend! 5/5 ????????????
- By Brian M on 4th January 2019

Got tutored for Maths (2U) and I have to say, she is one of the best tutors out there, my marks doubled after a few lessons and continued to rise. Would recommend 100/10
- By Matthew Zhang on 9th December 2017

Got tutored for ESL and helped me refine my essasys. She consistently replied to my questions and helped me out of her own time. I definitely recommend her for all levels of ESL students
- By Michael Kwon on 27th November 2017

Got tutored for Japanese continues and 2 unit mathematics and my grades improved a lot. 10/10 would recommend ????????????????????????
- By David Zhu on 15th November 2017

Got tutored for almost all my subjects (Japanese Continuers, Japanese Extension, English as Second Language and Physics) and got great results. I also got Dux for my year. Best tutor ever. Recommend 200%
- By Samantha Chew on 15th November 2017

Hey i took some pretty good lessons and i've seen great improvement. 10/10 I would recommend. :)
- By Kingston Chan on 1st September 2017

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