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Hi guys,
My name is Michael Xu, a graduate from Sydney Grammar School in 2016 (ATAR: 99.3) and LLB/BPsych (Hons) student at UNSW.
As you all know at this point, the HSC will be more or less the centre of your respective school lives for coming year, and I'm sure you are keen to maximise your potential in upcoming HSC assessments and examinations to access both your desired ATAR and favourite university degree.
This is where I’d like to help. Having finished school (with content all too fresh in my head), and tutored high and primary school students on a private and regular basis from , I’ll utilise my experience and do some further tutoring this year for any prospective students who think they require assistance in study and work during this difficult year. I offer a flexible schedule dependent on your availability (we can discuss details privately), providing specific guidance according your needs, whether this means merely assisting in catch-up work or in more intensive preparation pre-examinations – the choice is yours.
In our first lesson I want to hear what your thoughts are, how you want this to work, where you want to end up. Then, together, we will work out a structured plan for improvement, and keep track of our goals, reviewing progress and providing constructive feedback along the way.
All throughout, you will have access to my extremely (overly?) detailed typed notes and top range essays and scripts, quick, efficient and detailed marking, as well as experienced and dedicated tuition and feedback throughout.
I can provide assistance for one/some/all of the following subjects. Although the syllabus has changed for 2019 from when I completed my HSC in 2016, most texts are similar to the ones I have done previously, and I have done extensive preparation for this.
• English Advanced (especially 1984, Keats/Bright Star, The Tempest/Hag-Seed, Great Expectations, T. S. Eliot, Politics and the English Language)
• English Extension 1 (Worlds of Upheaval and Reimagined Worlds electives, especially Frankenstein, Metropolis, Samuel Taylor Coleridge)
• English Extension 2
• Economics
• Latin Continuers (different texts, but identical authors) and Extension (general)
• Classical Greek Continuers (general) and Extension (general)
• ATAR: 99.3
• Farrar Prize for English, Classical Greek Extension Prize
• 93 for English Advanced, 47 for English Extension 1
• 93 for Economics
• 6th in state in Classical Greek Continuers and 3rd Ranked in State for Classical Greek Extension.
• 6th in state in Latin Extension, 94 in Latin Continuers
Premier's Award for All-Round Achievement , 11 units as Distinguished Achiever, State-Ranker, debater and public speaker.
Please message me if you are interested to discuss details. I’ll talk personally re. availability, timing, location and rates. I couldn’t tutor people to the standard I want if I taught too many, however free I may be, so I am limiting the quantity of people fairly strictly. Please contact me sooner, not later, if you are at all interested. Note that there is an option also for simply letting me mark work ($30 p/Advanced/economic/classics essay/creative, $40 p/Texts and Ways of Thinking essay/creative), if you do not want to commit to any tutoring sessions alongside them (if you do sessions, marking is included for free in the package).
I hope to see some of you soon to help you in your various HSC endeavours, but whether or not that happens, I’d like to wish you all good luck. This year will seem to go for ages, but when it does end, there will always a sense of satisfaction that makes it all feel worthwhile.


  • Triple State-Ranker
  • All Rounder
  • 11 Top Band Units


Year 12 completed in 2016.
Mark achieved: 99.30 (verified).
Currently studying Combined Law/Psychology at The University of New South Wales.


  • Debating
  • Public Speaking
  • Music
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Football


Character references

Great guy and outstanding tutor, particularly for English! If you're looking for speedy, constructive marking and a never-ending source of notes and intellect, Mikey is the tutor for you.
- By Eric Rong on 20th October 2018


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