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IB 45.50 | ATAR 99.95 | N2023 | PHYSICS/MATHS/ENGLISH/ECONOMICS/FRENCH TUTORING!!! Hello! My name is Aratrik and I recently graduated from Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology (QASMT) with a perfect IB of 45/45 (IBAS 45.50 = ATAR 99.95), and am currently studying at the Australian National University (ANU) working towards a Bachelor of Engineering (R&D) (Honours) and a Bachelor of Science (Physics). **SUBJECTS** Over the course of my 3 years at QASMT and the duration of the IB Diploma Programme, I studied the following subjects: Maths AA HL, Physics HL, Economics HL, English Lang/Lit SL, French ab initio, Chemistry SL. During High School I mostly maintained a GPA of 7.00. For my final exams I achieved 7s in all my subjects and an A in my Physics EE, as shown below: Mathematics AA HL: 7/7 - *Maths IA won 1st place in the Queensland Science Contest Physics HL: 7/7 - *scored 22/24 on the IA Economics HL: 7/7 English Language and Literature SL: 7/7 - *scored 37/40 on the Individual Oral French ab initio: 7/7 Chemistry SL: 7/7 Physics Extended Essay: A As a tutor I will hopefully to work with the students to establish their own versions of these techniques so that they can also succeed. **EXPERIENCE** 30+ HOURS of TUTORING Experience Co-led 2 study skills seminars Peer tutored various students during Year 12 in Maths and Physics Volunteered as a Young Einstein mentor where I mentored a Year 5 student through a STEM Project **SERVICES AND TEACHING STYLE** $60 an hour for standard sessions tutoring *Maths AA and AI SL/HL, Physics SL/HL, English SL, French ab initio, and Economics SL/HL* $80 for a one-off EE/IA review (note that I can only review Physics EEs, Physics IAs and Maths IAs) - written feedback + 30 minute online video call, additional sessions will be charged at $60/hr. INCLUDING FREE ACCESS to my own high scoring exam papers/IAs/EE/English IO/past IB questions For subject sessions, I will maintain the following fundamental structure: Teaching content through explanations, annotations, examples, other resources --> giving the student opportunities to develop their conceptual understanding their own way, via drawing their own mindmaps, diagrams, asking and answering their own conceptual questions --> practising exam style questions where I give them insights into key structural and exam techniques required to maximise marks in an exam setting. As a recent graduate who is familiar with the exam structures and questions, I will be able to pass on my own knowledge and tips/tricks on to students. I will also aim to put a heavier emphasis on key areas that the students feel they need to work on, making each session much more personalised. Feel free to contact me and I am also more than happy to talk to parents/guardians about student progress or any concerns at all!


  • STAQ Queensland Science Contest 2023 - 1st Place
  • ANU National Scholarship Recipient
  • UQ/QAMT Problem Solving Competition 2023 - 3rd Place
  • ASI Physics Olympiad 2021, 2022 - Distinction
  • Australian Institute of Physics Certificate of Excellence
  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute Certificate of Excellence
  • United Kingdom Mathematics Trust - Hamilton Olympiad - Distinction
  • Kangarou Sans Frontieres Maths Challenge 2023 - High Distinction
  • QASMT Honours Award - 2021, 2022
  • QASMT Summa Cum Laude 2023


Year 12 completed in 2023.
Mark achieved: 99.95 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Engineering (Research and Development) (Honours) and Bachelor of Science (Physics).


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