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IB 43.5 💥 || ATAR 99.25 💥 || UCAT 90th Percentile💥 Ranked 1st ENGLISH LITERATURE HL 2023 ✅ Ranked 1st FRENCH AB INITIO 2022 ✅ Ranked 1st SPORTS EXERCISE AND HEALTH SCIENCE HL 2022 ✅ My name is Liam Wingrave and I'm a recent graduate from Trinity Grammar School, living in Haberfield, NSW. After failing Chemistry twice, English twice, Maths once and French once in Year 11, my dream of achieving a 99+ atar was quickly slipping away. However, it was only after I began to review the way I studied in the summer holidays where things began to change. Now, 12 months later, I would love to share the tips and hacks I discovered along my journey with students who struggled like I did. Having completed the IB with a score of 43.5 (99.25 ATAR equivalent), my notable performances included: English Literature HL - (Dux of IB English at Trinity 2023) 34/40 Individual Oral // 27/30 Paper 2 Comparative Essay French Ab Initio SL - Band 7 // 29/30 French Writing // 38/40 French Reading Business Management HL - Band 7 // 21/25 IA Raw Mark // 19/20 Paper 1 Section C Sports Science HL - (Dux of IB Sports Science at Trinity 2022) Band 7 // 22/24 IA Raw Mark Mathematics AA SL - Band 7 // 17/20 IA Raw Mark // 146/160 Total Mark in all Papers Chemistry SL - Band 7 // 21/24 IA Raw Mark Theory of Knowledge - Grade A // 8/10 Essay I also completed the UCAT and achieved the 90th Percentile. More importantly than marks, however, it would be my passion to help mentor students with any aspect of their school life, including leadership, sport, or co-curriculars, free of charge. TUITION OPTIONS: TUTORING - $70 per hour Includes: - Tuition on any subject the student desires - Advice on study scheduling and 'study hacks', tailored to the individual student. - Constant availability for any phone calls and texts outside of tutoring hours. IA/EE/TOK Feedback - $90 per Draft Includes: - Extensive 4-hour marking and feedback process - Free 1 hour feedback session - A copy of my own Internal Assessments - 30-minute review session a few weeks later (With a brief review of new drafts and ideas) ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: - 29/30 French Writing Exemplar ($40) - 19/20 Business Management HL Paper 1 Section C Exemplar ($20) - 27/30 English Literature HL Paper 2 Exemplar ($30) - 3000+ Flashcards of French Vocabulary and pre-constructed sentences for Writing and Oral ($50) - 5000+ Flashcards Sports Science HL for every SL and HL syllabus dot points, including Option A and Option D ($60) - 3000+ Flashcards Business Management HL for every SL and HL syllabus dot points ($50) If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime via the 'Message Liam' button on the top right!


  • IB 43.5
  • ATAR 99.25
  • UCAT 90th Percentile
  • Trinity Grammar School Vice-Captain
  • Trinity Grammar School Captain of AFL
  • Trinity Grammar School Proficiency Prize (Runner-Up Dux)
  • Trinity Grammar School Dux of IB English Literature HL
  • Gold Duke of Edinburgh Recipient
  • State Grand Finalist for The Law Society of New South Wales' Mock Trial competition



  • FIFA (EA FC 24)
  • Premier League (Fav team: Arsenal)
  • NBA (Fav team: Toronto Raptors)
  • Language Learning
  • AFL (Fav team: Sydney Swans)


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