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99.65 Atar ⭐️ 1st in English Advanced at Top 6 School ⭐️ 96 English Advanced ⭐️ Free Trial Lesson ⭐️ Looking to boost your English results? ⭐️ For so many students, English is a subject that they can never seem to crack. The subject that if not addressed can be the sole reason one does not achieve their potential in high school. ⭐️ During Year 10 English I was near the bottom of the class. I found English boring and "subjective". My Teachers would tell me that my assignments looked like a last-minute effort when I had spent weeks working on them. To be accepted in the advanced course in Y11, my sister wrote my assignment for me. ⭐️ Fast-forward to Year 12 and I finished top of the class. This wasn't because I am some sort of English wizard, rather, I adopted a structured and formulaic approach to English, an approach that enabled me to consistently score full marks in essays. ⭐️ This proved highly successful. In Year 12 I got full marks on every single Essay Assessment. ⭐️ These results aren't unrealistic. They are highly achievable for any student who is determined to put the effort in to do well. ⭐️ The texts I studied in Year 12 include: The Merchant of Venice; An Artist of The Floating World & Bright Star / The Romantic Poetry of John Keats. While I have a wealth of notes & knowledge on these texts, I have learnt other texts for English students in the past, and happy to do so for clients upon request. ⭐️ If you want me to help you adopt a similar approach to English, reach out right now. ⭐️ Fast Response Times ⭐️ Search my name and visit other websites for further reading on my tutoring process ⭐️ Profile last updated 23rd of Feb


  • 99.65 Atar
  • 1st in English at Top 6 School
  • 96 in English Advanced
  • 1st in Business
  • 2nd in Economics
  • 97 SOR II
  • Academic Colours
  • Prize for English
  • Prize for Business Studies


Commerce and Law at University of Sydney Graduated HSC from St Aloysius' College Subjects Studied: English Advanced, Economics, Business Studies, Extension 2 Mathematics, Extension 1 Mathematics, Studies of Religion 2


  • English
  • Reading
  • HSC English Tutoring in Sydney
  • Exercise


Ed is so so great!! My daughter Eliza was having real difficulty learning 1984 - Ed learnt the text just for her and helped Eliza so much. Ed not only focuses on getting good marks, but also Eliza's understanding. After many mixed interactions with tutors & being skeptical after another mum recommended him - It's my pleasure to write this review.
- By Patricia Sklavos on 3rd February 2024

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