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Hi! I'm Allan and I'm a 2023 Graduate from Sydney Boys High School who achieved an ATAR of 99.65 HSC MARKS English: 89 Math Ext 1: 98 Math Ext 2: 98 Chemistry: 95 Physics: 95 I like helping people in any given realms, giving advice to peers not only for academic purposes, but also to prosper as a happy individual throughout life. As a result, I believe I have developed the skills to inspire motivation in those that I tutor. Additionally, as an innate part of myself to improve and satisfy, I am driven to take feedback and put in extra work to ensure students are happy with their experience. Academically, I believe I have the patience to unravel and work on deeper levels of understanding which students may not consider. I love drawing diagrams and working out how to creatively and clearly communicate difficult concepts for students' personal interpretations, which are what I believe ultimately fosters a true, lasting understanding of a topic. I am confident in my ability to teach Math, Chemistry, and Physics as such subjects are still fresh in my head as a 2023 Graduate. I'll be looking to tutor a few students in 2024. Dates and times TBC. Feel free to contact me if you wish to be a potential student.


  • πŸ‘­πŸ»Mitchell Seow Award (Voted by peers) "To honour a Year 12 student who is a caring friend to all, never lets his friends and team mates down and has the admiration of his peers and teachers alike, putting 100% effort into a diverse range of endeavours."
  • 🀽⚽ Scholar Sportsman Award of Excellence (2 GPS Sports, 99.5+ Trial Estimate)
  • 🀡 Prefect
  • πŸ… 7th in Math Ext 1
  • πŸ… 4th in Math Ext 2
  • πŸ… 4th in Physics
  • πŸ… 7th in Chemistry Trials
  • πŸ… TOP 5 IN COHORT
  • Predicted Trial ATAR 99.80+
  • trial english mark was tragic :c


Year 12 completed in 2023.
Mark achieved: N/A.


  • Rock Climbing
  • Video Games
  • Badminton
  • Cooking
  • Anime


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