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Want the best? ✨✨ 99.90 ATAR I State Rank in Economics, Modern History, SOR II I USYD LAW/COM I Proxime of St Aloysius College I 4.0 GPA ✨✨ 🟩 Hey there! I'm Tommy and achieved a 99.90 ATAR. I consistently ranked first across all of my core subjects from Year 7 to 12. I have 2 spots left as only have room for 20 students! 💀My HSC Year (verified): - 3rd in NSW for Economics (~6000 students) - 4th in NSW for Studies of Religion II (~14000 students) - 11th in NSW for Modern History (~11000 students) - English Advanced - 99 External. 💀 School (verified): 1st English Advanced (98) 1st Economics (98) 1st Modern History (97) 1st SOR II (98) 1st History Extension (49) Math Advanced (96) 🟥 Tutoring is primarily done at my home in Woollahra, or through Zoom. I can tutor any range of subjects, or focus on specific subjects in our lessons. 🎓 I am consistently available out of tutoring hours to provide guidance, help with any questions, give advice for assessments and check essays through the week. 🏛️ I currently am studying a Bachelor of Law & Commerce at the University of Sydney as a Dalyell Scholar and awardee of the USYD Chancellor's Award. With my tertiary studies in both business (finance & economics) and law, I am well-equipped to provide enhanced support in content review & essay writing. 🖤 In 2023, I tutored 10+ separate students and am additionally employed at St Aloysius as a Casual Tutor to assist HSC students in their studies. I have helped run multiple student/school workshops and have further provided departmental support for English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced, SOR II, Modern History, and Economics. 📚 Lesson structures are very flexible and student-focused, whether it be concentrating on assessments (for any subject), reviewing content, or practising mock exams. Many of my students like to focus on one subject for all lessons (e.g. Math or English). Other students prefer more flexible support for specific assessments throughout their calendar, alternating between English, Math, Science, Geography, History, Commerce etc. throughout. All one-on-one students will have the privilege of accessing my own relevant essays and notes for their assessments, as well as my deep understanding of the syllabus and HSC-style examinations. 📘 All in all, I am a friendly and dedicated tutor who will work tirelessly to cater to your interests and help you achieve academic success as the far majority of my students have. Being a busy man myself, I’ll also understand if you have to reschedule or cancel over planned events or unforeseen illnesses every once in a while :) if you're interested or have further questions. These are the rates provided to new students: $100/hr Y7-12 flat $65/hr for Groups of 2 $60/hr for Groups of 3+ $50 for Assessment review and in depth feedback (for all subjects). Refer a Friend & Get a Free Lesson!!


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St Aloysius College Proxime of St Aloysius (Y12) 99.90 ATAR USYD Chancellor's Award 4.0 GPA from Years 7-10 State Rankings in Economics (3rd), SOR II (4th) & Modern History (11th) Year 7: 1st in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Biblical Studies, Visual Arts Year 8: 1st in English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Biblical Studies, Commerce Year 9: 1st in English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Biblical Studies, Commerce, History Elective Year 10: 1st in English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Biblical Studies, Commerce, History Elective Year 11: 1st in English Advanced, Economics, Modern History & 2nd in Maths Advanced Year 12: 1st in English Advanced, Economics, SOR II, History Extension Modern History & 3rd in Maths Advanced USYD Dalyell Scholar Scholarships to Macquarie University and UNSW


Tommy has been a superb tutor. We got referred to him by a friend to help with James' term 4 HSC assessment and he got 19/20 after 2 weeks of tutoring! Considering James didn't get an A once through year 11 we are stoked! Tommy is always punctual to lessons and toes the line perfectly between allowing James to write & improve his own ability, while also showing how him how to craft high-level analysis. Couldn't be happier.
- By John Falvo on 2nd February 2024

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