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❤️ 99.35 ATAR ❤️ 3210 UCAT ❤️ UQ MED ❤️ JR 22 Hey, I'm Maggie! I graduated from James Ruse Agricultural High School in 2022 and I’ve just finished my first-year as a provisional medicine student at the University of Queensland. I’m offering online tutoring for Math, Latin, English Advanced, UCAT and Medical School Interviews. In addition, I’m selling resources for English Adv, English Ext 1, Latin Ext 1, Latin Continuers (read below for prices). My goal is to tailor lessons to the unique needs of each student by collaboratively reviewing past performances and crafting personalised academic plans for success. Whether we're understanding the reading behind a maths concept, dissecting texts for English Advanced or strategising for UCAT and Medical School Interviews, I am committed to help you reach clarity and improve on your weaknesses. 🌟ACHIEVEMENTS🌟 ATAR - 99.35 (All Rounder for 3U English, 4U Maths, 3U Latin, Chemistry) MATHS EXT 1 - 95/100 ENG ADV - 93/100 (External 94/100) UCAT - 3210 (98th Percentile - 700 VR, 780 DM, 850 QR, 880 AR) Multiple medicine offers including University of Queensland , University of Adelaide, Joint Medical Program University of Newcastle/ University of New England STUDENT BENEFITS ✅ Access to all my exemplar English Advanced pieces for each module Unlimited feedback throughout the week ✅ English Advanced Essay Questions ✅ Medical Interview Questions (MMI and Panel, exemplary responses to practice questions) ✅ My unique insights and strategies for Math, Latin, English Advanced, UCAT and Medical School Interviews. 🌟ENGLISH ADV TEXTS🌟 1984 Hag-Seed The Tempest T.S. Eliot All Mod C texts ❤️PRICES❤️ Year 7-10 (per student): - Maths $60/ hr - English $60/ hr - Latin $80/ hr Year 11-12 (per student): - English Advanced $80/ hr ❤️ UCAT Tutoring Lesson $80/ hr ❤️ Medical Interview (MMI and SSI) $100/ hr or $180/ full mock and personal feedback ✅ English Advanced Essays (Mod A, B, C; free access for current students): Internal Assessments and Trial Pieces are available! $40/one essay $75/two essays $110/three essays ✅ English marking (non-students) $40/ piece ✅ 2023/2024 Latin Con Complete Notes (full grammar, techniques and translation) Virgil, Aeneid IV Sections: (Lines 1-85, L86-172, L173-197, L279-330, L331-361, L362-412, L584-629) $50/ section $95/ 2 sections $130/ 3 sections $270 for complete Virgil prescription Cicero, In Catilinam I Sections 1-23 $20/ section $35/ 2 sections $45/ 3 sections $315 for complete Cicero prescription ✅ Latin Extension: Horace, Odes I.5, I.9, I.11, I.21, I.22, II.6, II.14, III.8, III.9, III.13, III.26, III.30, IV.7 Catullus, Poems 1, 5, 11, 13, 30, 34, 45, 51 Message me for more details.


Year 12 completed in 2022.
Mark achieved: 99.35 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Biomedical science/ Doctor of Medicine.


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Maggie's support was super valuable to me and I am so grateful for her help, highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to get into medicine 💗💗
- By Jess on 24th January 2024

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Maggie helped me with my interview preparation for JMP medicine at UON in 2023 and I have just received an offer to study with them!! She explained the interview questions in a lot of detail and made it very clear what they were looking for in my answers. She also has such an amazing attitude which makes you feel super prepared doing mocks and comfortable asking questions so you gain the best understanding and knowledge before attending your interview. So glad I asked her to tutor me!
- By Hallie Peppernell on 11th January 2024