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I am currently studying at Monash, undertaking a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and a Bachelor of Science. I always found math to be the most difficult which is why I like to teach it to others because I had to work hard and develop strategies to get where I am now. I study Calculus and Statistics at Monash as well. I like to focus on a holistic understanding of concepts and how they interlink. I will sit with you for as long as it takes for you to understand things and I will always make sure you feel comfortable with me to develop a learning style that works best for you. I have been teaching for many years, so I have attained the skills to help all kinds of students. I primarily tutor mathematics and English subjects but I am open to tutoring more niche subjects like Mandarin, Biology, Studio art, and Chemistry. Feel free to inquire to get more details off me personally!


Completed VCE with top marks within my cohort. 40+ and 35+ study scores in the following subjects: Methods, Chemistry, Biology, Studio Art, Chinese Language and Society, and English. (completed a semester of General Maths) Attained prerequisites required for 2023 entry into Biomedical Science and Science at Monash and Biomedical Science and Science Honors at UniMelb.


Ayla is a dedicated tutor. She has a friendly nature who likes to get to know her students and as a result develops a good professional student teacher relationship. She takes her time to get to know what they can do and what they need next with their learning. From this she then targets the learning based on what they need. Ayla also goes out of her to develop their skills plus her own! I highly recommend Ayla!! Great tutors are hard to come by!’
- By Kylie Hudson on 4th December 2023

Ayla has been my tutor for a while now, shes made become more intelligent with my maths. She has taught me that asking for help is okay, throughout all my tutoring lessons with ayla i’ve learnt that her main priority is her students because she always puts us first as she knows what it’s like sitting in a classroom having no idea what to do while everyone else knows. Ayla always has a positive outcome of situations and has an amazing technique while teaching me, Ayla always knows how to put a smile on my face even when math is very stressful and difficult. Ayla has put so much time into me as her student for exams and assessments, she’s even helped me days before my assessments and is always encouraging me throughout the way. Ayla explains things in different ways for me so i can understand and does visual examples. Overall, Ayla has truly changed my life as she’s made me more confident. She’s an amazing tutor and an even better person with the most kinda hearted soul
- By Tahlia on 30th November 2023

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Ayla is caring, bright and enthusiastic, always positive and professional.
- By Tamarind Croft on 30th November 2023


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