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Hi, my name's Sam Johnson, a recent graduate of St Ignatius College Riverview, with an ATAR of 98.30. I am offering the highest quality tutoring to students undertaking all k-10 subjects as well as prelim and HSC Economics, Business, History (modern and ext.), English (adv. and std.), and Mathematics (adv. and std.). Since beginning in 2019 I have spent thousands of hours tutoring well over 50 students ranging from year 3-HSC, and the improvements observed in my students have been mind blowing. Prepare yourself for amazing results! What to Expect: - A tutor who is fun, knowledgeable, passionate, compassionate, patient, understanding, convincing, kind, communicative and able to connect strongly with students. - Exceptionally high-quality one-on-one at home or online lessons. Unlike for other tutors, this is not merely a "side gig" for me. I am a professional tutor spending between 20 and 30 hours a week (in addition to my own university studies) tutoring students of all different age ranges in a diverse range of subjects. - Improved self-confidence (implementing research and experienced-based methods into my teaching; focus on creating real experiences of success that are capable of transforming negative beliefs into positive ones) - Clear breakdown and explanation of hard to understand topics (e.g. I’ve taught years worth of algebra to students in year 6 within a few short lessons, I’ve helped similar aged students in understanding the (typically) complex process of writing effective and compelling essays, etc.) - The development of a passion for learning and strong work ethic in students (out of an improved self-confidence and a clear understanding of content) - Noticeable improvements in examinations (out of a strong passion for learning and relentless work ethic) *** HSC BONUS: following the initial lesson I will provide HSC students with band 6 and state rank notes, essays, past papers and other resources for almost all the major HSC subjects (including those not listed above) for FREE! *** Hi, I’m Sam, a recent graduate of St Ignatius College Riverview, and a very keen tutor. Currently, I'm undertaking a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholars) at The University of Sydney. Since completing my HSC studies in 2019 I’ve charged into the domain of tutoring in hope of sharing all that I learned during my years at school across as wide a range of students as possible. Moreover, since I have begun, I have been further encouraged to continue taking on even more students due to the tremendous satisfaction I gain from watching my students develop and improve both in terms of their attitude and also their understanding of content covered. I pride myself on my ability to instill in my students a strong sense of self-confidence, a fantastic work ethic, and of course, a solid understanding of the content they’re expected to learn. Currently, I am working with more than 25 students per week, not including those who I see on a less regular basis. They range from year 3 to HSC, with English and Math being the most common focus, and commerce/other humanities subjects also largely prevalent in the mix of subjects in which I am a highly competent tutor. In I have tutored more than 50 students, most of whom have continued to this day, except of course those who I assisted with their HSC studies. Moreover, my recent graduation enables me to better connect with my students (due to the lack of an age barrier) and means that I am more aware of the many different intricacies that form part of a student’s development and success at school. My ability to not just teach, but to inspire confidence and a desire to learn in my students is the main catalyst behind the fact that all four of my year seven students are engaging with year nine and higher math content (despite largely initially struggling with their own level of math), that one of my year eleven students has seen his English performance rocket from average to within the top five of his cohort consistently (scoring second place in his final preliminary exams), that all my year twelve students (despite the mammoth hurdle presented by COVID-19) entered their final exams with excitement and a strong sense of readiness (as a result of the confidence they have developed in themselves and due to the impressive performance they’ve already noted in their exams) enabling many of them to perform amongst some of the top students in NSW, and a range of so many other stories of success that it’d take too much time to detail all of them here. If you’re looking for fundamental changes that are inaccessible in a class environment, then I am the tutor for you! I received an ATAR of 98.30 in my HSC, which can be viewed as the product of the many strategies and techniques I developed during my years of schooling. In Business Studies and Economics my performance was particularly strong, achieving HSC marks of 97 and 95 respectively. My tuition in this area is further enriched by the fact that I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholars) at the University of Sydney. In addition to my achievements in the domain of commerce, I also achieved band 6's in English Advanced (92), Modern History (92) and History Extension (E4: 47), while Mathematics was just a fraction off a band 6. I strongly believe that I can assist students in reaching a similar level of performance (and an even higher level of performance) through my unique approach to tutoring, and due to a range of uncommon strategies that I believe my performance evinces the effectiveness of. I cater to students at all levels in their academic journey from K-12. I help ignite motivation in my students that are struggling to find it, in addition to assisting already motivated students reach their highest potential. I am patient with my students, guiding them through the processes of solving problems, responding to questions, et cetera. I prefer not to simply lecture my students but rather guide them through the process of finding the answers and conducting the research themselves. This not only helps with their understanding but develops critical problem-solving skills. I am able to adapt to the needs of all my very unique students, tailoring lessons that are challenging and therefore more interesting for them, while ensuring that they are comfortable with the pace at which we are moving. Once I feel they have a solid grasp of the content we have covered I prove to them their potential through providing them with a selection of very advanced questions, slowly building a strong sense of self-confidence in their ability to achieve anything they set their mind to achieve. As is clearly evident, the highly effective teaching methods that I espouse would be impossible to duplicate in a class setting. The efficacy of my approach is supported by the strong levels of engagement and results I have noticed in my current group of students. If you are interested in seeing tremendous improvements in your son’s or daughter’s (or both) studies; a tutor that is motivated, engaged and fun - then I believe that I am the one for you! Rates: Years k-9: $75/hr for 2hr+ $85/hr for 1hr Years 10-12: $85/hr for 2hr+ $95/hr for 1hr Additional $15 for in-person tutoring (to cover travel time and related costs)


ATAR: 98.30 Business: 97 Economics: 95 English Advanced: 92 Modern History: 92 History Extension: E4, 47/50 Mathematics: 89


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