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** STATE-RANK LANGUAGE TUITION - LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE FOR 2024** The team at Linguify are all HSC and IB graduates who STATE-RANKED their respective languages, or were selected for prestigious language accolades. We offer tutoring for students throughout Sydney. Anika came 1st in NSW for German Continuers, and 2nd in NSW for German Extension. Her all-round academic ability is exemplified by her maximum ATAR of 99.95. Ariana studied French for the IB. She received a mark of 97/100, topped the subject, and achieved the highest-rated C1 diploma in the prestigious Alliance Française DELF exam. Eric came 1st in NSW for Classical Greek Extension, 2nd in NSW for Classical Greek Continuers, and 7th in NSW for Latin Continuers. He also achieved a 99.90 ATAR. Jemima came 1st in NSW for both Italian Continuers and Italian Extension. Her expertise includes not only the Italian language, but also the high-end analysis in the Extension course. Nathan came 1st in NSW for Chinese Extension. He also has extensive experience working in Taipei as a teacher for the past 2 years. Sidney came 5th in NSW for French Continuers. Born in Paris, Sidney is a native speaker, and has an intricate understanding of French culture, essential for Extension courses. Teresa came 1st in NSW for Spanish Continuers. A native Spanish speaker, Teresa has studied at a Spanish university, and has a detailed understanding of the local culture. Caleb studied Japanese Continuers and Japanese Extension for the HSC. His passion was rewarded by coming 2nd in NSW for Japanese Extension.


  • 99.95 ATAR
  • 1st NSW German Continuers
  • 2nd NSW German Extension
  • 1st NSW Italian Continuers
  • 1st NSW Italian Extension
  • 1st NSW Classical Greek Extension
  • 2nd NSW Classical Greek Continuers
  • 2nd NSW Japanese Extension
  • 1st NSW Chinese Extension
  • 1st NSW Spanish Continuers
  • 7th NSW Latin Continuers
  • 5th NSW French Continuers



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