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99.25 ATAR | 1st IN 5/7 SUBJECTS | ***STATE RANK***| HSC DUX | ALL-ROUNDER | USYD LAW | 95 ENGLISH ADVANCED *FINAL SPOT LEFT!* Hi, I'm Phoebe - a 2022 graduate of Central Coast Grammar School, studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws (Dalyell Scholars) at the University of Sydney. Internally, I ranked 1st in 5/7 subjects, placing 2nd and 3rd in the others, whilst achieving a state rank of 10th in HSC Society & Culture. I was also HSC Dux of my school, as well as a NESA All-Rounder, Distinguished Achiever and Top Achiever for 2022. As a experienced specialist English & Humanities HSC tutor, I have taught 25+ students from Knox Grammar, North Sydney Girls, Hornsby Girls, Reddam House, Ascham, SCEGGS, & more! SUBJECT MARKS - 💯HSC English Advanced - 95/100 💯HSC Modern History - 95/100 💯HSC Society & Culture - 98/100 (10th in state) 💯HSC Studies of Religion I - 49/50 (accelerated in 2021) 💯HSC English Extension 1 - 47/50 💯HSC Legal Studies - 94/100 💯HSC Economics - 91/100 WHY CHOOSE ME? 📌 100% of my weekly students ranked Top 10 internally in every subject I tutored them for in 2023, with many achieving an ATAR above 95+. Some include: - One student went from 53rd to 1st in just ONE assessment for English! - One student ranked 1st in 3 SUBJECTS internally! 📌 I am invested in the success of all my students in and outside of the classroom, and my teaching style is holistic and personalised based on the needs and weaknesses of each individual. Whether this is working through past papers together, drafting responses, or creating action plans for your assessments, I provide my students with a supportive and comfortable environment where they feel free to ask questions and enter their exams with confidence in their learned knowledge and skills gained under my tuition. I provide support to ALL of my students both academically AND mentally on their HSC and University journey! 📌 I teach my students 99+ ATAR EXAM SKILLS/ESSAY STRUCTURES in conjunction with syllabus content. As a recent graduate and experienced tutor, I've built rapport with many HSC markers AND am extremely familiar with what is required by HSC students to score consistent Band 6 results + achieve exceptionally high marks in all of their subjects. 📌 I offer tuition in STUDY SKILLS and ORGANISATION. I've hosted 5+ seminars on how to implement subject-specific study methodologies, goal-setting and time-management systems to minimise stress + maximise productivity. By learning how to study effectively, I help my students build the foundational organisation skills that are essential to achieving 99+ ATAR results. 📌 My expertise arises not only from my high marks and state-rankings in humanities and English subjects, but from my continued study of the social sciences at a tertiary level. With these skills, I am able to ensure students stand out to their markers, by encouraging them to incorporate diverse and complex perspectives and theories into their academic work. I teach my students to push the boundaries of their subjects, engage with the content, and master new ways of thinking to ACE their exams! 📌 My students also have access to my 65+ EXEMPLAR PAST PAPERS on OneDrive (ALL of which are marked by HIGHLY EXPERIENCED HSC MARKERS), and an extensive up-to-date library of notes I have collated from my own work and the efforts of other state-rankers and top achievers. I look forward to working with you! MY SERVICES: - Online 1:1 tutoring - $90/hr for Years 10-12 - Online group tutoring - $50/hr per person for Years 7-12 - Essay marking services - $30 per essay, with comprehensive feedback/edits - Scholarship editing/support services - $100-$150 for entire application - UNSW Law Admissions Test (LAT) tutoring - ranked in Top 10% - Selling STATE-RANK notes for selected subjects - contact to discuss pricing!


YEAR 12: 🏆 Dux of School 2022 - ATAR: 99.25 ⭐ 1st in HSC English Advanced (1/45) - mark of 95/100 ⭐ 1st in HSC Society & Culture (1/13) - mark of 98/100 ⭐ 1st in HSC Legal Studies (1/18) - mark of 94/100 ⭐ 1st in HSC Studies of Religion (1/36) - mark of 49/50 ⭐ 1st in HSC Economics (1/25) - mark of 91/100 ⭐ 2nd in HSC English Extension 1 (2/7) - mark of 47/50 ⭐ 3rd in HSC Modern History (3/25) - mark of 95/100 ⭐ Ranked in Top 10% for UNSW Law Admissions Test ⭐ Accepted into Arts/Law courses at USYD, ANU, UNSW, UTS, MQU, UniMELB, UON, Bond, etc. YEAR 11: 🏆 Dux of Year 11 2021 ⭐ 1st in Preliminary Economics ⭐ 1st in Preliminary Legal Studies ⭐ 1st in Preliminary Society & Culture ⭐ 1st in Preliminary Studies of Religion I ⭐ Assessment of Language Competence (French) - Credit RECIPIENT OF: 📚 Bond University Excellence/Leadership Scholarship ($95k+) 📚 University of Melbourne National Merit Scholarship ($8K) 📚 UNSW Academic Achievement Award ($5K) 📚 USYD Dalyell Scholars Stream 🎖️ Seton Family Lawyers Award for Highest Achievement in Legal Studies (2022) 🎖️ Peter Foley Award for Society & Culture (2022) 🎖️ School Colours for excellence in Public Speaking (2022) 🎖️ RISE Award for Student Innovation and Excellence - critical essay 'Decolonising Philosophy and the University: Examining the issues and effects' (2020)


Phoebe tutored me all through Year 12 in English adv, Society and Culture & modern history. Her personal dedicated approach allowed me to strive to reach my academic goals. Each session had a clear goal I needed for an upcoming exam or assesment, enhancing my rounded knowledge of the syllabus and content. Phoebe holds bounds of social political knowlege relevant to HSC, and is extremely friendly. I would recommend for anyone humanities and economics based in their final years of school.
- By Annabelle King on 28th December 2023

Phoebe has made a huge difference to my daughters year 12 experience. Not only is she a true professional but she has developed my daughters ability to have confidence in subjects that she previously didn’t, and given her a new enjoyment for English as a subject. These learnings flowed into other subjects as well. I cannot recommend Phoebe more highly. It is money well spent.
- By Tricia Gerigk on 25th September 2023

Phoebe is one of the best tutors I have ever encountered. She is very passionate, aspiring, helpful, sweet and makes you feel super comfortable and open to approach her on what you need help in. Phoebe helped me learn many new things that made me improve in my HSC year and helped me sustain my marks in each of my classes. I became better in writing and developing new ideas for my subjects which made me keen to study and focus more! These are only some of the things that make phoebe an amazing tutor! :)
- By jude alnimrawi on 18th September 2023

Phoebe, an exceptional tutor, and role model has made my year 12 experience transformative. Phoebe’s intelligence and passion for the subjects she tutors is reflected in her remarkable dedication to helping her students excel. Her reliability and engaging teaching style has positively increased my motivation, grades, and overall attitude towards my studies. Phoebes detailed notes, resources, and study tips has enabled me to continuously develop my study habits, and notes, making learning more accessible, and increasing my academic confidence. Phoebes ability to connect with her students, and cater to their academic needs makes her a flexible and effective tutor. I thus highly recommend Phoebe, her positive attitude and her overall brilliance to everyone looking for tutoring.
- By Natasha Windrum on 22nd August 2023

Phoebe is one of those rare people whose immense kindness, intelligence and work ethic all align at the same high level. She is extremely knowledgeable across all her subjects due to her pure passion and extreme dedication to learning the courses inside out. Her humility and friendly nature shines through as she shares and teaches her knowledge in an easily consumed and understood way. I cannot recommend Phoebe high enough, as her tutoring will not only provide access to her incredible knowledge, but also a path way to a more dedicated and passionate form of study.
- By Emma Parmeter on 20th December 2022

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Phoebe is an extraordinarily intelligent and kind hearted young woman. Her diligence across her high school studies has enabled her to achieve such commendable marks in her HSC exams. Truly a deep thinker, she is able to converse across a range of subject matters with a refined skill, guided by passion, in the fields of economics, english, and history to name a few. Frankly, Phoebe is an asset to those around her where patience and endurance has allowed for an academic excellence like no other. Any student would be extremely fortunate to have Phoebe by their side across their studies.
- By Harry Horne on 18th December 2022


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