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| RAW 50 Accounting Tutoring | English and Methods tutoring Hello I'm Anders. I've graduated from Caulfield Grammar School in 2022 and am currently a student studying a Bachelor's of Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne. Over the past year, I have accumulated over 300 hours of tutoring. I specialise in Accounting in which I obtained a RAW 50 in. I have also achieved a 43 in Mathematical Methods and 42 in English. - Speaks fluent Mandarin and Cantonese so that I would be able to help Chinese background students have a better understanding of the content taught at school! Approach in tutoring: Smarter not harder!! STOP reading the textbook over and over and taking notes without knowing why you are doing it! STOP doing practice questions because you think 'you'll get used to the question styles.' I had been taught by a past VCE EXAMINER for Accounting and would be able to pass on some notes and tips she had given me. This is integral as I know exactly what examiners look for and the mark allocation for each question type, as well as the structure for theory questions. I also have connections from Caulfield Grammar School, which allows me to provide the most updated info to my own students. Accounting is split into 2 parts: Practical and Theory. It's a common conclusion made by students that practical is easier than theory. There are students who excel in practical questions but struggle to provide a good response for theory (explanation and discussion questions). 'Getting used to' practical questions can indeed be achieved by spending countless hours but not for theory. For Accounting, it is vital to understand the concepts clearly. This allows us to understand what is truly happening behind each transaction and why we must use certain values or methods such as when we do depreciation. By understanding the reasoning, Accounting is easy! It enables you to logically identify what needs to be put where, instead of brute forcing your answers by recalling what you have done in a similar question previously. It also allows you to provide nuanced theory answers. Thus, a lot of students find practical easier than theory as they are using the wrong method of learning. Trust me, it's a waste of time and effort. When I did Accounting, I only completed homework set by my teacher. I didn't source extra questions to practice as I find that unnecessary. In fact I remember playing games with friends the day before our exam and we all achieved 45+ Call me a mentor instead of a tutor. It's safe to say that there's always teachers we are afraid of. It's those strict teachers where where I become so afraid that I wouldn't even speak up in class when I am unsure of a concept, simply because I don't want to get criticised. You can always see their annoyed faces and their discouraging tones. Afterall, I realised the problem was the lack of connection between my teacher and myself. It leads to a snowball effect where I dislike coming to class, lose interest in class, fall behind with content which ultimately equates to poor grades. As such, I believe in forming positive relationships with my students where we can connect better, allowing for better communication. By forming these positive relationships, it allows students to open up and be honest of what they know and what they don't. Honesty is the best policy. Ultimately this enables me to gain a better understanding on my student's strengths and weaknesses, preventing any wasted lessons. Moreover by developing these connections, students often learn with greater passion and allows them to step out their comfort zone. I'm more like a peer that guides and assists students rather than someone trying to force information into your brain. Not only that, I also aim to integrate time management skills and organisation skills into my class, as I'm a strong believer in using the least amount of time to achieve the best possible Study Score. For VCE, you are not rewarded for working really really hard 24/7. For English and Maths, I provide tutoring for primary school students all the way to year 12. Although I may not have the highest scores, my students compliment on the way I teach them. My feedback is that I show patience, ensuring that they understand the content before moving on to the next topic, or understanding the structure of an essay. Available for tutoring in Glen Waverley library and online tutoring. - My rate is $70/hr for 1 on 1 for Accounting and $60/hr/ person for groups of 2 to 3. I believe in quality teaching and groups over 3 would simply not be effective. (Form your own groups with your friends to be most at ease when collaborating with each other!) - Contact me for math and english rates as it depends on the students' year level. Thanks! Please don’t hesitate to contact if you are interested! I look forward to hearing from you


  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award
  • School General Excellence Awards for Academics
  • Double Academic Colours
  • The Herbert McD. Shaw Prize for Service to the School
  • The Tom N. Rowe Prize for Service
  • English Outstanding Award
  • Mathematical Methods Class award



  • Badminton
  • Watercolour arts
  • Tennis


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