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99.25 ATAR! RAW SS 44+ IN FIVE SUBJECTS! Are you looking for a 44+ study score? Or maybe you need someone to help you understand difficult content? What about VCE tricks and tips that can help you to approach VCE studies and exams that will help you secure the marks you wish? Hi, I'm Donovan! I graduated from East Doncaster Secondary College in 2022 with an ATAR of 99.25, so I am very aware of the latest study designs. With plenty of time on my hands, I can provide more than the average tutor! That means: - Quicker replies - Flexibility in extending our sessions to address ALL of your questions before finishing a session - Available for multiple sessions per week (discounts available) - My 2024 Course Program has been specifically redesigned to capture the latest exam style and criteria with the utmost precision - I have developed questions and guides tailored to the most recent VCAA exams so that you will excel with the most relevant knowledge and techniques. I achieved a 48 study score for Further Maths in 2021, with an average of 99% across all my SACs, which ultimately placed me in the TOP 0.6% of students in Victoria for Further Maths 3/4. I offer: - Detailed notes on new content - Step-by-step explanations - CAS tips and tricks - Exam strategies - Concise summary sheets for bound references I received 44+ in my other subjects, placing me in the top 2% of students at my school and Victoria: Accounting 3/4 = 44SS Biology 3/4 = 45SS Chemistry 3/4 = 46SS English = 45SS I offer to tutor for Units 1/2 and 3/4 for these subjects. I share my success through precise, unequivocal explanations and easy-to-follow strategies aimed to revolutionise your approach to all of your exams. I will teach you techniques and tips to improve your performance, enhance your studying efficiency and ultimately transform your study score. Moreover, I also offer guidance in English, Maths and Science for Years 7-10. I offer weekly sessions: Up to 40 detailed notes, summaries, and weekly and termly assessments. Sessions are targeted to introduce new content, provide precise practice questions to achieve a wholesome understanding, and provide specific feedback for school assessments and homework. Aside from our regular sessions, I also offer 1-to-1 feedback sessions which are individualised sessions to answer all your questions, consolidate difficult concepts, and reinforce your understanding of complex topics. My teaching style varies with each student to cater to their learning style. After all, having journeyed through the whole 6 years in high school, I’ve experienced how teachers need to match a wide range of students, therefore, I understand the explanations, examples, and teaching styles are not specific to a student’s needs at school. However, I am here FOR YOU, I know how important it was for me to do well as it was my VCE, so I can share the same adrenaline, anxiety and nerves that you do. I will put in the same effort into your studies as I did into my own because I understand how important this year is for you (your parents or your dream university). I work very student-oriented, as you can tell, but if you have no specific requests, our sessions may often follow this structure: 1. Catchup with any questions you have from school 2. Start a new topic from a broad PowerPoint overview 3. Highly detailed notes covering all of the content 4. Personally developed exercise questions 5. Challenging exam-style questions to help you answer questions that will trip most and even high-achieving students 6. Q&A for any questions throughout 7. Tips for exams and SACs for the topic However, this is only one of the many ways we can approach sessions, and it's all up to you if there is another method more suited to your learning needs. I know how important this year is for you, so I am dedicating my time to you. I am here to see you succeed, share some tips on what I felt helped me achieve my scores, and share the things I should have done but realised too late. So my role is not so much strictly as a tutor but, in addition, as your personal VCE/high school counsellor. PS: Also, I have a valid WWCC Summary: I offer private and group tutoring for Units 1/2 and 3/4 for Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, English and Further Maths.


  • High Distinction - Big Science Competition, Australia National Chemistry Quiz, ICAS Science, ICAS Maths, Australian Maths Competition
  • Selected into the ALPHA (Advanced Learning Program for High Achievers) at East Doncaster Secondary College, where I scored 4 Superiors in EduTest.
  • Selected to attempt the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians which I received a High Distinction.
  • Selected to be in the Advanced English class.
  • Invited exclusively by the Chemistry Education Association to learn in the Olympiad Training Program, taught by Mick Moylan (University of Melbourne lecturer)
  • Won the English Jacaranda Writing Competition and published as teaching material in their textbook as teaching resources.
  • Awarded Values awards such as the Exemplary Student award, Care and Compassion Values award, Curiosity Values award, Resilience Values award, Respect Values award, Teamwork Values award, and Excellence Values award.


Year 12 completed in 2022.
Mark achieved: 99.25 (verified).
Currently studying Bachelor of Science/ Doctor of Optometry at University of Melbourne.


Absolute fantastic tutoring by Donovan. Been with the guy for around about 10 months and he's made my English levels rise from B's and B+'s to A's and A+s. In chemistry, Donovan has always kept me ahead of the curve where I am able to learn concepts that have not been taught to the class. In taking bio 3/4, Donovan was able to help me a lot in regards to practice exams and they key terminology that examiners and teachers were looking for. Overall, Donovan is an absolute intellectual academic legend and the greatest tutor I've worked with.
- By Azeez Quazi on 6th December 2023

Donovan’s exceptional tutoring for Biology and Accounting allowed for my growth in learning. Through each session he ensured that I understood each concept thoroughly. Aswell, as of his amazing resources such as notes and practice questions, it created the subjects knowledge to be more approachable. As the year progressed, Donovan’s teaching allowed me to feel more comfortable before SACS and exams. He always puts his students first, even if it meant a late message reply to make sure I understood something.
- By Bella Fox on 25th November 2023

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