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Looking to catch up on Maths and/or Physics? Do you want better results? Has your academic work been affected by lockdown? If you are finding it challenging to find your starting point, then continue reading!

Unique Personalised Learning! “Our uniqueness needs to be cultivated and celebrated”. As the famous Albert Einstein said "Everybody is a genius".

I have over 18 years of teaching experience in London, UK and also in Mauritius and Australia. I am very passionate about the pupil's perspective in their learning and supporting them to achieve their potential. Over the years, I developed several curricula in Maths and Science to reflect pupils' abilities and I am big advocate of personalised learning. I was Head of Faculty (Maths and Sciences) in London before moving to Melbourne.

I am known for my problem-solving skills, and more importantly my ability to break down challenging concepts using many different techniques for ease of understanding. I have great feedback on my ability to unpick the challenges faced by each individual and also help them through those challenges.

All sessions are online and are a mixture of theory explanations and more importantly a series of questions where I support you to complete those questions using a technique of building up confidence, especially for the usually challenging ideas. Sessions can be ongoing or one-off.

Feel free to get in touch for a conversation first, which usually last for about 45mins, (free of charge) to assess the best option for you.


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BSc Physics with Maths


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