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IB English (Literature), Psychology, French and Spanish Tutor. Primary to Year 10 core English, French and Spanish Tutor. ATAR: 98.55. Hi, My name is Sara and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Law and Arts (with honours) at Monash University. I graduated in 2021 from Methodist Ladies' College with an ATAR of 98.55. I am happy to tutor primary school-level students to build a strong foundation in English, French and Spanish in preparation for middle school. Between years 7-10, I offer English, French and Spanish tutoring primarily focused on the school's core curriculum, touching on more advanced concepts in preparation for VCE or IB. At the IB level, I offer English literature (SL or HL), Psychology (SL or HL), French (SL or HL) and Spanish Ab Initio tutoring. I am happy to work with students and provide feedback on their Internal Assessments and the Extended Essay (Psychology). I am extremely passionate about helping students fulfil their academic potential in language subjects. I speak French fluently as I have spent six months living and studying in France; however, as a native English speaker, I have the advantage of being able to explain more complex topics and ideas through an English speaker's perspective! My tutoring sessions for all language subjects adopt different teaching techniques and resources based on each student's learning style and goals, for example, conversational-based sessions, writing practice, listening practice, and working on specific grammar points. My tutoring sessions for IB psychology focus on essay writing, specifically how to seamlessly integrate key content points and studies into arguments that support specific exam questions and establish a strong foundation for critical thinking through connecting theoretical content with everyday and real-world experiences. I also adopt a results-oriented approach, focusing on exam techniques and reviewing past papers and examiners' reports to ensure that my sessions are efficient and conducive to academic success. I offer one-on-one tutoring and group tutoring over Zoom, and I may be able to travel to you depending on the time and location. Thanks! Sara


  • English Literature - Standard Level - 6
  • Spanish ab initio - Standard Level - 7
  • French - High Level - 7
  • Psychology - High Level - 7
  • Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches - Standard level - 5
  • Chemistry - Standard Level - 6
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK) - A
  • Extended Essay - Psychology - A
  • ATAR: 98.55


Year 12 completed in 2021.
Mark achieved: 98.55 (verified).
Currently studying I am currently studying a Bachelor of Law and Arts (Honours) at Monash University at Monash University.


Character references

Sara is a dedicated and motivated tutor who provides her students with a comprehensive and supportive style of tutoring that encourages students to fulfill their academic potential. As a fellow tutor and housemate, I have seen first-hand Sara’s proactivity and flexibility in providing her students with high-quality English and French tutoring. She structures each lesson around each student's specific needs and prioritizes both explaining concepts and applying learning to practical problems. As a high achieving IB scholar, studying lawyer, fluent tri-lingual (English/French/Spanish) and well-rounded individual, Sara understands that academic success requires more than lengthy recitation, but rather a multi-directional approach to learning. Sara is patient and encouraging, and she truly strives to help her students reach their academic pursuits!
- By Andrew May on 30th December 2023


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