Chu Fan (Roger) L.
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99.45 ATAR || Dux of Whitefriars College || Dux of Specialist mathematics, Methods, Chemistry and Physics || Raw score of 50 in Methods (Premiers Award recipient) Raw score of 47 in Chemistry Raw score of 41 in Specialist Raw score of 44 in Physics Raw score of 39 in English Hello, I am Roger, dux of the Whitefriars class of 2021. I enjoy finding certain shortcuts in solving problems, and intuitive ways of re-phrasing and understanding boring content. After finishing year 12, I moved on towards tutoring other students, offering up the experience and tips I have learned along the way to other fellow students, who are already hit hard by COVID-19 and are also going through the stressful final year of their high school. I started by offering free online and in-person tutoring almost immediately, continuing so for around 2 months, and completing nearly 100 hours worth of tutoring experience. In the previous experience, I have learned valuable lessons in the way to improve engagement within a lesson, explain in a more cohesive manner and build up the skill to create tests, and practice worksheets for my students, allowing me to become an experienced tutor. My lessons cater towards the students' desires, going through what they struggle with the most. If they have no preference, my main objective is to help the students accelerate in content for science subjects, and reinforce knowledge and skill in maths subjects. This is because the science exams are heavily content-focused, such that a thorough understanding of the content taught is vital to success, therefore the earlier one is exposed to the new concepts, the more familiar they can be with it. For mathematics, however, almost infinite amounts of hard questions can arise from even a relatively simple to understand the topic, making working through difficult problems a lot more beneficial. By explaining the topics in an intuitive way and creating challenging questions for students, I attempt to make recalling concepts easier whilst providing students with extra practice in such topics. I tutor in Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics, the subjects where I have the most experience and skill. Now I am studying Masters accelerated pathway, B-Engineering at Monash, specializing in Aerospace.


  • 2021 ICAS mathematics Medals winner
  • Received Masters Accelerated Engineering Merit Scholarship from Monash
  • Invited to attend NMSS(ANU-AMAMT National Maths Summer School)
  • Invited to attend ISS(International Science School)
  • International Chemistry quiz – High distinction 2021
  • AMC – Distinction 2021
  • Science and Engineering competition 2018 (2nd in the national finals).
  • 2022 Methods Premiers Award


Year 12 completed in 2021.
Mark achieved: 99.45 (verified).
Currently studying B-Engineering Specialising in Aerospace at Monash University.


  • Working on projects with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • gardening
  • Kerbal Space Program
  • Hiking
  • snowsports


In my experience as a student under the mentorship of Roger Luo, he has proven to be a very dedicated person when it comes to tutoring. He always finds ways to simplify high-level concepts down on the conceptual level and makes sure that every concept is well understood at a level that leads to overall a high quality of learning out of each lesson. His affordable and one on one sessions enable a high level of conversation about the topic at hand, where the 2-way communication strengthens the student's understanding of the subject. He is a highly resourced tutor with a great bank of resources which really enable a student to excel in a SAC due to the high amount of practice. He is also very passionate about education overall, linking key concepts back to various real-life examples which enable a student to conceptualize and apply their knowledge in real life. This also leads to a great motivation boost to the student which leads them to be passionate towards studies. His feedback is uttermost perfect with any gaps in knowledge thoroughly explained to the students in great detail even outside of class times. Roger Luo is definetly the person to go to if you are aiming for a successful VCE.
- By Rahul Kulkarni on 22nd March 2022

Character references

Roger was a very hard working Physics student of mine in Years 11 and 12. He learns very quickly, and is able to easily impart his knowledge to others. I think he would be an excellent tutor, due to his excellent content knowledge of all things maths and science, along with his ability to think outside the square, which I think will allow him to better understand students' misunderstandings.
- By William Wood on 14th March 2022

Roger has been a student at Whitefriars College for the past 6 years and I have come to know him over the past 2 years in his capacity as a VCE Chemistry student. Roger’s impressive demeanour with his peers and teachers is to be admired. He has excellent communication skills, is attentive and participatory, motivated and passionate, and has a great sense of social responsibility. Roger also has a clear, orderly mind and thinks with depth and maturity, grasps new concepts quickly and always works diligently to complete any task. His self-discipline, perseverance and commitment have been evident in all facets of his schooling and he continues to accept hard work and give whatever it may take to achieve his goals. Roger clearly understands that personal and professional success requires hard work, dedication, the development of constructive relationships and a collegial approach in the workplace. He has always been able to maintain open and friendly relationships with both his peers and his teachers while maintaining firm personal principles.
- By Greg Stewart on 14th March 2022

Roger was in my Mathematical Methods class in Years 11 and 12. He was the dux of the college in 2021 and performed brilliantly in obtaining a 50 in Methods. Naturally a very gifted mathematician who also peer-tutored his classmates and contributed to the life of the college. I would recommend him highly to tutor in Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.
- By Anthony Yeo on 12th March 2022


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