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Hi, my name is Kenneth and I am a tutor specialising in Mathematics and Science, with 5+ years’ experience both tutoring privately and at a professional tutoring centre. My teaching style focuses on firstly, explaining the difficult and daunting concepts, in a clear and easy-to-understand method. Part of my lessons also place emphasis on not only helping students for their exam preparation, but also on targeting the core understanding of mathematical concepts and/or scientific content to facilitate continued classroom learning, resulting in an accumulation of improvement and confidence in STEM subjects.

Personally, I have experience in studying higher mathematics, mathematical integration and statistics at a university level, achieving high distinction and distinction. I also have continued experience in both chemistry research, in the area of particle catalysis, and have had my work published in a scientific journal along with other particle catalysis researchers. This equips me with not only a deep understanding of both mathematical and chemistry concepts, but my experience of consistently working with students enables me to point out common areas of error within mathematical calculations and areas of potential difficulty in understanding the content within science and chemistry. I prioritise explaining complicated calculations and mathematical areas in a clear and comprehensible manner, which also helps students build a strong foundation for their later studies.


• Mathematics Advanced: Ranked top 3 in Year 11 and Year 12
• 95%+ average in HSC internal and preliminary exams for Mathematics Advanced
• 95%+ average in Year 10 mathematics, rank 1 in the cohort
• HSC school internal mark 95/100, top 3 in the cohort
• HSC Band 6 in Chemistry
• HSC High Achiever Award presented by the school, special recognition in mathematics and chemistry
• Received first-round offer for BEng (Hons) from UNSW
• UNSW graduate with DISTINCTION
• Honours graduate, completed post-doctoral research on Nanoparticle Catalysis under the School of Chemical Engineering at UNSW Engineering
• Consistent High Distinctions in all UNSW Mathematics courses
• High Distinction in UNSW Engineering Design course undertaken

I am also a very patient and supportive tutor as I understand the confusion and difficulty which can be caused by complex mathematical concepts, equations and scientific calculations. All my lessons are always catered to each student’s individual needs and capabilities, and in the lead-up to exams, I will make priority in targeting past exam papers, pointing out various methods to solve a question, and working with you to be alert to, and avoid potential areas of error.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to book a trial lesson, and I will do my best to fit you in at a time that is suitable.

- One on one lesson: $70/hr
- Groups of 2-4 students: $50/hr per student

Due to COVID-19, all lessons are currently online to ensure and prioritise the health and safety of all students and their families.


  • HSC High Achiever Award (KHHS)
  • High Distinction in UNSW Honours research thesis
  • High Distinction in UNSW Engineering courses
  • Research journal article publication in late-2020
  • Received first-round offer for BEng (Hons) from UNSW


University of New South Wales (UNSW) (2015-2020)
- Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) (Honours)
- Honours Class II
- High Distinction in Honours Thesis
- High Distinction Average in Engineering courses

Killarney Heights High School (2012-2015)
- HSC High Achiever Award


Kenneth has been my tutor for Maths for over a year now and he is extremely proficient in explaining core concepts and really wants me to understand each and single Maths concepts from the foundation. Before I started tutorials with Kenneth, I was only getting 40-50% for my Maths assessments which worried me a lot since I really wanted to be eligible to do Ext 1 Maths. With Kenneth's help on exam preparation and his exam strategy tips, my assessment marks have greatly improved - I got 89% for my last test which I am super happy about!

I can't recommend Kenneth enough, I consider myself as one of the luckiest student to have Kenneth as my tutor. 10/10 would recommend!
- By Erica on 2nd December 2020

Kenneth is an extremely skilled tutor who has been assisting me in Mathematics in preparation for my move to the final stage of high school. He is currently tutoring me to do Extension 1 Mathematics next year. He has dramatically improved my grades and overall understanding of Mathematics. It helps in the fact that he doesn't just teach formulas as school or tutoring school's would, he delves into the subject explaining concepts well finding difficult examples that he can use to effectively show you what to do in all situations involving that concept so you can actually understand what you are doing and improve your knowledge of the subject. I went from being ranked not far above average in previous examinations before Kenneth to coming in the top ten in my school in subsequent examinations. with close to three hundred students in my grade that is not a small improvement.


Also, He's a cool dude worth every penny.
- By Cormac on 11th October 2020

Kenneth has been an absolute asset to our family! My son has made massive achievements with his Chemistry exams in year 11 with Kenneth’s support. My sons teacher has called me directly to thank me for taking such a positive, proactive approach to my sons tuition and asked for Kenneth's contact details to pass on to other students. We can’t thank Kenneth enough for his knowledge and support that has guided our son through his senior school chemistry studies.
My son is definitely kicking goals thanks to Kenneth!!
- By Pretoria Dunn on 5th October 2020

Kenneth is a wonderful and highly skilled maths and chemistry tutor, and has helped my son a lot since he started learning with Kenneth.

Kenneth can explain complicated and confusing maths concepts in really clear ways, and my son says Kenneth has taught him many fast methods of solving mathematical equations, and pointed out common errors and pitfalls in exams, which helped him get 95% for his recent exam. Chemistry was initially also challenging for my son, but with kenneths assistance my son recently achieved 100% for both his latest exams, and really enjoys chemistry too.

I would not hesitate to recommend kenneth, he is an excellent and extremely patient and knowledgeable tutor.
- By Fiona Li on 28th September 2020

Kenneth is an absolutely amazing tutor. I found Kenneth on High School Tutor’ for my son’s Math tutor. I concerned the Math at High school is getting hard to fully understand for my son when he reached Year8 ( Currently Year 9 ), I scrolled all tutoring web site with little hope as I was not sure it is the best way to find one on the internet. But I am one of the luckiest mum that could find Kenneth who is very talented with any subjects including Math, so passionate with teaching and has management skill to organise the class in any situation especially during Covid-19 lock down situation, he has no hesitation to runs the online session which was fully organized well by him and so easy to follow for my son.
My son’s Math mark & report improved dramatically since he started studying with Kenneth. I really appreciate with Kenneth for what he does and so does my son, he really enjoys studying with Kenneth. If you are looking for someone who is absolutely you can count on for your child or for yourself if you are student, I guarantee you will be so happy with Kenneth.
- By Fumiko on 28th July 2020

I highly recommend Kenneth, he tutors me HSC Maths Ext 1 and he has explained the concepts and how to get to the equations in a lot of clarity. I recently had a 30% improvement on my last exam with his help, would not hesitate in recommending him!
- By Gerald J. on 2nd July 2020

Kenneth is a great tutor who is currently assisting me throughout my HSC Mathematics General Course, he has helped me boost my grades in Maths by providing useful tips and tricks when tackling complicated equations and my marks in comparison to Year 11 have shown his teaching to be extremely effective. He is very patient and always eager to provide the quickest yet practical solution to any mathematical equation. Would 10/10 recommend!!
- By Jordie on 21st June 2020

Kenneth is insanely good at giving examples to you when you are stuck or need help on the question. He is very patient with you while you're working out and is extraordinarily kind. I appreciate him as my tutor and my math results have excelled greatly.
- By Keani Russell on 3rd June 2020

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