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🎖️ATAR 99.80 + ⭐ 1st State Rank | 🎖️ 4yrs Experienced Math Tutor | 🎖️ UNSW Actuary/Computer Science Hello! My name is Andrew Suhaili, I am a recent 2021 Baulkham Hills High graduate, studying a bachelor of Actuarial Studies/Computer Science at UNSW. My ATAR is 99.80 and I'm currently offering tutoring for the following subjects: ✏️Junior Math and English ✏️Year 11 Maths (Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2) ✏️Year 12 Maths (Advanced, Extension 1, and Extension 2) ✏️Korean Beginners Here are my HSC marks and School Ranks ⭐ Korean Beginners: 99 (1st internally + ⭐1st State Rank) ⭐ Mathematics Extension 1: 99 (2nd Internally) ⭐ Mathematics Extension 2: 96 (12th/100) ⭐ English Advanced: 93 (45th/204) ⭐ Physics: 91 (24th/104) Knowledge⚛️🧪: I have 900+ hours experience of doing HSC trial papers, so I am EXTREMELY familiar with what type of questions are asked in the exams, and how to know EXACTLY what is needed to get a very high HSC mark. I also currently study actuarial studies, meaning I have further extensive knowledge on topics tested within the HS syllabus, and continually utilise my math skills and techniques obtained in High School. I have been consistently highly ranked in all my subjects at BHHS, so I know exactly what it takes to EXCEL in Mathematics Assignments and Tests. This is because of my teaching focalisations: 👨‍🏫 Gaining the skills to accurately PREDICT exemplar HSC questions 👨‍🏫 Harnessing the most high-yield, yet comprehensive theory to sufficiently maximise marks for each question 👨‍🏫 Providing students with enough resources to develop these aforementioned skills to an AMAZING level Teaching Structure🔧: 🎓Interactive and comprehensive syllabus dot point focused lectures 🎓Variety of accurate and high-value practice questions with exemplar answers to work through in class 🎓Extensive bank of questions including past HSC to practice with at home 🎓Continuous online support outside of teaching hours Teaching Philosophy🧠: I know what it feels like to be as prepared as possible for an exam, yet fail to reflect your potential within the results. I developed the special tips and tricks through my high school journey until I was finally maximising my true potential. I can help your child with that journey as well. As a result of a successful teaching situation, my students will be motivated to practice and learn further the concepts covered in class within their personal time through their own curiosity, and during their personal study students should be able to understand the logic within their faults which demonstrates a strong conceptual understanding. Teaching is a genuine passion of mine and my current work as a tutor at AlphaOne Coaching College reflects this; I don't believe in learning through frustration and anger. It takes a passionate and driven teacher to truly develop a student's understanding of an area of study. I am VERY confident that I will be able to assist your child in whatever they require help with. Teaching Value💲: I have immense 3+ years of experience with tutoring not only high school students, but primary school students as well, coupled with further studies in various HS maths topics. This gives me the flexibility to cater my teaching style specifically to your child, no matter how strong or weak he/she may be. Pricing: ▪One-to-one: $60-$100/hour (reach out to finalise) ▪Group lessons: $40-50/hour Trial lesson: I am happy to offer a conditional trial lesson. If you don’t wish to continue tutoring with me, the lesson will be free of charge! NOTE: Usually, my slots get filled up pretty quickly, so I would recommend you contact me at your earliest convenience so that your child can maximise their time to get ahead in their academics. Thanks!


  • #1 State Rank Korean Beginners
  • All Rounder Achiever


Year 12 completed in 2021.
Mark achieved: 99.80 (verified).


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